Integrated Report

Corporate Report 2023

Value Creation Story (PDF 0.7MB)

  • ・Kitz Group by Numbers
  • ・Special Feature: Business Transformation for “Beyond New Heights”
  • ・Value Creation Process
  • ・Message from the President
  • ・Growth Trajectory

Growth Strategies (PDF 1.8MB)

  • ・Business Summary of the KITZ Group
  • ・Valve Manufacturing Business
    • ・Message from Unit General Manager, Flow Control Business Unit
    • ・KITZ Group + Water
    • ・KITZ Group + Energy
    • ・Research and Development System Creating High Added Value
    • ・Production System That Assure High-Quality Products
    • ・Extensive and Strong Sales Network
    • ・KITZ—A Reliable Brand
  • ・Brass Bar Manufacturing Business
  • ・Message from the CFO

Sustainability (PDF 1.0MB)

  • ・Message from Director in Charge of Sustainability
  • ・Social
  • ・Social Contribution Activities
  • ・Governance
  • ・Message from Outside Directors
  • ・Environment
  • ・Diverse Human Resorces in the KITZ Group
  • ・Stakeholder Engagement
  • ・Board of Directors, Corporate Auditors and Exective Officers

Data Section (PDF 0.7MB)

  • ・Financial and Non-Financial Data
  • ・Corporate Data / Stock Information
  • ・Group Network
  • ・Information

This report is based on the information as of July 2023. Updated information and the information that is not contained in this report can be found on the Company’s website.

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