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KITZ (Thailand) Ltd.
426 Moo 17, Debaratana Road, T.Bang Sao Thong,
A. Bang Sao Thong, Samut Prakan 10570 Thailand
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September 1988
Business Activities
Manufacturing and sales of bronze and brass valves and butterfly valves
ISO Acquisition
December 2010

Examples of environmental activities

Responding to climate change

Our environmental activities are based on four environmental goals: reducing both power and oil consumption by 5% compared to the previous financial year, separating more than 90% of waste, and complying with standards for factory wastewater. In fiscal year 2015, we replaced the mercury and fluorescent lights in the plant with LEDs in order to reduce power consumption; almost all factory lighting is now LED. Solar power generation systems were introduced in the Bangplee plant in November 2016 and in the Amata plant in December 2018. The power generated in Bangplee is 40,000 kWh per month, which reduces CO₂ emissions by 22.7 t-CO₂ per month, while the power generated in Amata is 22,500 kWh per month, which reduces emissions by 12.8 t-CO₂ per month.

Solar power generators on the roofs of the Amata plant
Solar power generators on the roofs of the Amata plant

Waste management and resource saving

While providing education and training to strengthen the 3Rs, we promote the thorough separation and collection of general garbage into nonrecyclable and recyclable trash with color-coded waste boxes based on the goal of separating more than 90% of waste. In addition, the company introduced a chip recycling device and ground metal sorting device to recover resources in order to reinforce the recycling of bronze ground metal and chip.

Reducing wastes and saving resources

Algae grow in the cooling towers of the factories in Thailand, which impedes the inbuilt cooling ability. For this reason, twice-a-month cleaning and draining about 16 tons of water per month were required. In 2021, Pureculaser, sterilization and water purification equipment developed by the Group company, Toyo Valve, was introduced, so that the growth of algae was inhibited by ozone, ultraviolet rays, and a photocatalyst, resulting in recovered cooling ability and reduced wastewater./p>

Reducing wastes and saving resources

Environmental Management system

Responding to the situation in Thailand, where the various environment-related laws and regulations are becoming more rigorous, we share information on the status of revised laws and regulations in the monthly Environmental Committee, in addition to report on energy and other environmental performance to ensure that all employees are fully aware of the laws. As an opportunity to deepen their understanding of ISO 14001, manager-level employees are sent to an external organization for training as internal auditors.

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