KITZ SCT Corporation

Corporate Profile

KITZ SCT Corporation
Omori Station HIgashiguchi Bldg. 1-5-1 Omori-kita, Ota-ku, Tokyo 143-0016
Phone No.
+81-3-6404-2171 (main telephone number)
May 1982
300,000,000 yen
Executive Director
Mitsuo Kasahara, President
Number of Employees
397 (As of October 31,2022)
Business Activities
1.Development, manufacture, and sales of piping products, fluid control components, gas panels, and units for semiconductor manufacturing equipment and peripheral devices
2.Development, production, and sales of units for ultrahigh purity fluids
ISO Acquisition
ISO 45001 (November 2022)
ISO 14001 (March 2007)
ISO 9001 (November 1997)

Top message

KITZ SCT is committed to global environmental conservation in order to build a sustainable society. By proactively and continuously using green electricity, introducing energy-saving equipment, and promoting resource recycling, each and every employee understands the KITZ Group environmental philosophy and is committed to promoting environmental management.

Mitsuo Kasahara
Mitsuo Kasahara
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Examples of environmental activities

Responding to climate change

Sales of solar power

The plant installed power generation equipment in April 2013 and started selling electricity. The amount of electricity sold by fiscal year 2021 was approximately 1,773,000 kW. The equipment was installed on the roofs of the cafeteria building and the factory building with 1,004 200 W solar modules and 17 10 kW power conditioners.

Appropriate management and reduction of chemical substances

Investigation of environmental laws and regulations of each country and enhancement of the system

Since we started managing the chemical substances in products based on the RoHS Directive in fiscal 2008, the company endeavored to investigate and grasp all the various substances of concern in its products in accordance with the REACH regulations of Europe, the TSCA of the United States, and other environmental laws and regulations of each country, as well as customer’s unique requests.
In fiscal year 2018, the company started to handle the results of the investigation of the chemSHERPA format, which is a system to transfer information on thousands of substances listed in the laws and regulations of various countries.
In fiscal year 2020, the company increased the number of staff in charge of the investigation in response to the frequent updates and addition of controlled substances and the recent increase in the number of inquiries from customers. Thus, we are establishing the best possible investigation system to respond to customer inquiries in a timely manner.

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