Key Themes for Sustainability Management

In order to realize KITZ’ Statement of Corporate Mission and the Long-term Management Vision, we have identified priority ESG issues to be addressed as key themes for sustainability management.We also visualized the relationship between priority topics and SDGs.

Environment (E)

Key Themes for Sustainability
Social Issues Specific Initiatives FY2030 Quantitative Target

Carbon neutrality

Resource recycling

  • ・Transition to a decarbonized society
  • ・Depletion of resources
  • ・Increase in waste

Initiatives for realization of Long-Term Environmental Vision “Triple Zero”

  • ①Zero CO₂ emissions
  • ②Zero environmental impact
    • ・Water neutrality (promotion of water saving, circulation, and recharge)
    • ・Zero emissions (promotion of the 3Rs, recycling of casting sand, etc.)
  • ③Zero risks
    • ・ Zero environmental accidents (environmental pollution)
    • ・Zero occupational accidents (serious accidents, LTIF rate)
    • ・Zero fire accidents (accidents involving fires, explosions)

CO₂ reduction rate: -90%
(compared to FY2013)

Waste landfill disposal rate: Less than 1.0%

Water resource discharge rate : -100%
(compared to FY2013)

※ Scope: Process water used in the manufacture of valves, etc.


  • ・Economic growth through innovation
  • ・Transition to a decarbonized society
  • ・Depletion of water resources

Development of fluid control technology to support a decarbonized/hydrogen-pawerd society

Development of materials and products that contribute to reducing environmental impact

Initiatives to solve social issues related to limited water and fluids

Technology for Sustainable Growth・Intellectual property strategy

Social (S)

Key Themes for Sustainability
Social Issues Specific Initiatives FY2030 Quantitative Target

Sustained improvement of employee engagement

  • ・Decline in the working-age population
  • ・Respect for human rights
  • ・Active role played by diverse human resources
  • ・System and environment for a better workplace
  • ・A rewarding work culture

Permeation of Corporate Philosophy and Long-term Management Vision

Promotion of D&I and fostering of a culture of collaboration

Human resource development and system reforms to support global management

Realizing workplace environments in which employees can work with vitalit

Employee engagement score※1

Rewarding work culture: 56pt

Better work environment: 55pt

Percentage of women managers: 20%※2

Total working hours: 1,870 hours

Percentage of paternity leave: 100%

※1 FY2024 target
※2 Employees of the department manager

Building a sustainable supply chain

  • ・Responsibilities in the supply chain surrounding the Company

Emphasis on CSR procurement

Establishment of a structure for stable procurement of raw materials and parts

Supply chain management

Governance (G)

Key Themes for Sustainability Management Social Issues Specific Initiatives

Corporate Governance

Risk Management


  • ・Sustainable corporate management
  • ・Corporate fraud and scandals

Further enhancement of transparency in management decision-making

Risk management that focuses on both risk reduction and opportunity creation

Global compliance conducive to sustainable management


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