KITZ 70 years history

Since its establishment in 1951 as Kitazawa Seisakusho, KITZ has been a comprehensive manufacturer of valves and other fluid control equipment. Based on the philosophy of the company’s founder, Toshio Kitazawa (1917-1997), KITZ has developed a system that provides customers with meticulous sales service and after-sales support based on integrated production from raw materials, through casting, machining, assembly, inspection and shipping, all done in-house. This commitment to “better quality” has continued to the present day and is the origin of our KITZ Group.

KITZ 70 years history

KITZ Corporation
70th Anniversary Movie

70th Anniversary Movie


1951 Kitazawa Mfg. Works was established. The Nagasaka Plant was constructed in Nagasaka-cho, Yamanashi, and the Company started manufacturing and selling bronze valves.
1952 The Nagasaka Plant received JIS certification for bronze valves.
1959 Toyo Metals Co., Ltd., was established and started manufacturing brass rods.


1960 KITZ started using a high-performance automated production system using the most advanced machinery, including automated processing and molding machines from Europe and North America.
1962 Company name changed to Kitazawa Valve Co., Ltd.KITZ was the first in Japan to start using a brass hot forging press; started manufacturing and selling brass forged valves.
1965 KITZ became a registered trademark.
1967 Started manufacturing and selling ductile cast iron valves and stainless steel valves.
1968 Started manufacturing and selling butterfly valves.
1969 Started manufacturing and selling cast gray iron valves.


1970 Started operations at stainless steel valve casting facility and machining facility at the Nagasaka Plant.
1973 Started operations at the Ina Plant.
1974 Started manufacturing and selling cast steel valves.
1975 Changed Japanese-character company name (still Kitazawa Valve Co., Ltd., in English).
1978 Shares listed on the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.


1980 Adopted “CHRYSANTHEMUM-HANDLER” for cast bronze valves.
1984 Shares listed on first section of Tokyo Stock Exchange.
Established KITZ Corporation of America in Houston, Texas.
1985 Established KITZ Corporation of Taiwan in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.
1988 Established KITZ (Thailand) Ltd., in Samutprakarn, Thailand.
1989 The Nagasaka and Ina Plants earned ISO 9001 quality management system certification, making KITZ the first Japanese company to receive this certification.


1991 KITZ merged with TOYO Metals Co., Ltd.
Purchased ISO S.A. of Spain (currently KITZ Corporation of Europe, S.A.) to establish a manufacturing and sales base in Europe.
1992 Changed name to KITZ Corporation and moved the head office to the Makuhari district of Chiba-shi.
1994 Established KITZ Engineering Service Co., Ltd.
1995 The Chino Plant was first in Japan’s brass bar industry to receive ISO 9002 certification for quality management systems.
Shimizu Alloy Mfg. Co., Ltd., joined the KITZ Group, enabling the Group to begin supplying products for water supply systems.
1998 The Nagasaka Plant received ISO 14001 certification.
1999 Announced the development of KEEPALLOY brass and bronze alloys that are easy to machine and are free of lead for environmental protection.


2000 The Ina Plant received ISO 14001 certification.
2001 KITZ marked its 50th anniversary, announcing a New KITZ’ Statement of Corporate Mission, Action Guide.Purchased semiconductor manufacturing machine device business from the former Benkan Group and established KITZ SCT Corporation to operate this business.
2002 Established KITZ Corporation of Kunshan in China.
2003 Established KITZ Corporation of Shanghai in China.
Established KITZ Corporation of Jiangsu Kunshan in China.
2004 Purchased valve business of the former Toyo Valve Co., Ltd., and began business at its reorganized operations.
Spun off the KITZ brass bar manufacturing and micro filter businesses to form KITZ Metal Works Corporation and KITZ Micro Filter Corporation.
2007 Established KITZ Corporation of Lianyungang in China.
2009 Purchased Perrin GmbH, a ball valve manufacturer in Germany.


2010 Established a new Long-term Management Plan called KITZ Global Vision 2020.
2011 Established KITZ Corporation of Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd., in Singapore.
2012 Transferred manufacturing operations of Toyo Valve Co., Ltd., to KITZ, changing Toyo Valve into a sales company.
2013 KITZ Europe GmbH started operations as European regional headquarters.
Purchased Mikuni Engneering (Singapore) Pte. Ltd., an exclusive distributor in Singapore, and began operations as KITZ Valve & Actuation Singapore Pte. Ltd.
2015 Purchased Micro Pneumatics Pvt. Ltd., industrial valve manufacturer in India Established KITZ Valve & Actuation (Thailand) Co., Ltd. in Thailand.
Purchased copper and processed products business of the former Hokutoh Giken Kogyo Corporation Purchased Metalúrgica Golden Art’s Ltda., industrial ball valve manufacturer in Brazil.
2016 Announced capital and business alliance with TOA Valve Engineering Inc.
Established KITZ Corporation of Korea in Korea.
Purchased Filcore Co., Ltd., Hollow fiber membrane manufacturer in Korea.
2017 Established KITZ Hong Kong Company Limited in Hong Kong.
Established KITZ Valve & Actuation (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. in Malaysia.
2018 Purchased Cephas Pipelines Corp., industrial butterfly valves manufacturer in Korea.
Established KITZ Valve & Actuation Vietnam Co., Ltd. in Vietnam.
2019 Acquisition of Shares in Unimech Group Berhad and Agreement of Capital and Business Alliance.


2020 KITZ Launches Package Unit Business for Hydrogen Refuelling Station.
Change of Accounting Period.
2021 Director, Managing Executive Officer Makoto Kohno was appointed as President.
2022 Revised KITZ’ Statement of Corporate Mission Formulating the Long-term Management Vision “Beyond New Heights 2030 – Change the Flow” and the first Medium-term Management Plan 2024 (FY2022-2024)
2023 Headquarters moved to Minato-ku, Tokyo (Shiodome area)

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