Proper control and reduction of chemical substances

Using a comprehensive chemical substance management system, KITZ works to ensure the environmental friendliness of products and to reduce the environmental impact

Appropriate management and reduction of chemical substances

Product safety (and quality) is more important than ever in the international market. The KITZ Group centrally manages chemical product information in order to avoid risks from hazardous and harmful substances. The chemical substances used in the development and manufacturing processes are diversified, and management is complicated. Therefore, KITZ built the Chemical Substance Management System in 2000 in order to better manage basic information on all chemical substance components, laws and regulations, safety data sheets (SDS), and the status of use of each production line. Based on the information registered in this system, PRTR-listed substances are tabulated to improve work efficiency.

PRTR-listed substances

Metal materials and casting sand, the raw materials for valves, contain large amounts of lead, manganese, chromium, nickel, and chromium oxide, which are PRTR- listed substances and account for the majority of the KITZ Group’s total use of PRTR-listed substances. Emissions into the atmosphere are mainly xylene and toluene generated from paints and thinners. The chromium oxide in the casting sand is the main substance transferred to the outside.

Chemical substance risk assessment

The KITZ Group introduced the Chemical Substance Management System, a risk assessment system, in order to respond to the mandatory chemical substance risk assessment (enforced in June 2016), and operation of the system started in June 2016.

Overview of the risk assessment system

Overview of the risk assessment system

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