Valve Manufacturing Business

Valve Manufacturing Business

The KITZ Group manufactures and sells valves, fittings, water purifiers, and industrial filters, all of which are devices used for the control of fluids.

Valve Manufacturing Business

Valve of KITZ

  • Gate valve
    Gate valve

    Gate valves are available in a wide range of sizes and can accommodate a wide variety of material types.
    This valve type has a wide range of pressure and temperature. Suitable for “on/off operation” of stopping and flowing fluid.

  • Globe valve
    Globe valve

    Globe valves can be used either “flow control action” which adjusts the flow rate by changing the jig shape or “on-off action” which is used in opening or closing.

  • Check valve
    Check valve

    Check valves are a valve that constantly maintains fluid flow in a constant direction and prevents reverse flow. The disc is pushed open by the fluid pressure, but when it flows backward, the disc is brought into close contact with the seat of the body by the back pressure to prevent backflow. There are three typical types of check valves (swing check valve, lift check valve, and wafer check valve).

  • Strainer

    Strainers are classified into Y-type strainers and U-type strainers according to their shapes. In KITZ, we manufacture Y-type strainers, which have relatively low fluidic drag and compact mounting spaces, and U-type strainers, which can be piped directly to equipment.

  • Butterfly valve and Ball valve
    Butterfly valve and Ball valve

    Butterfly valve features a compact and simple structure. Ball valves have good operability and are the most widely used valves in a wide range of applications. The KITZ Group offers a lineup of compact butterfly valves and ball valves tailored to customer applications.

  • Actuation

    With the automation of production facilities, automatic operation valves (automatic valves) have become widely used not only in industrial processes but also in high-rise building construction and production equipment. The Kitz Group has a lineup of pneumatic and electric actuators to accommodate the automation of a wide range of valve types.

Strengths of KITZ Group

1. KITZ brand is backed by quality management systems

KITZ Corporation recognized the importance of conformance to the international standard on quality management systems earlier than anyone in the industry. In November 1989, KITZ became the first Japanese company to earn ISO 9001 certification. At present, all domestic and international production bases in the KITZ Group have been certified to this standard.

2. All-round Valve Manufacturer

KITZ provides provides products globally to areas from the fields of our lives to Industrial fields. We handle more than 90,000 types of valves and other fluid flow control devices.

3. High Market Share in Japan

Bronze and Brass made valve, which are used in the fields of building equipment, such as housing and building facilities, and stainless-steel valve, which is used in machinery and plant processing lines, are our mainstay products with strong domestic shares. In addition, we have established a sales system that can respond to customer feedback through a strong distributor network covering the entire country of Japan.

KITZ Products

4. Global Production Network: Manufacturing Facilities Located in Optimum Locations

KITZ Group is building a structure for undertaking production in the most suitable locations for its operations around the world. Under this structure, we produce high value-added products in Japan.
KITZ Group now has plants in Thailand, Taiwan, China, Korea, India, Spain, Germany and Brazil.

Line up of KITZ Group

  • Buildings and Houses
    Buildings and Houses

    KITZ supplies valves used in heating and cooling, sanitation, fire prevention systems, and other equipment used in buildings and residential structures.

  • Water Supply Equipment
    Water Supply Equipment

    KITZ supplies valves used in equipment for water supply systems and equipment for treating water and wastewater. KITZ also manufactures products used in equipment for supplying water to buildings and homes.

  • Natural Gas and Energy
    Natural Gas and Energy

    KITZ supplies a broad range of products used in the gas industry, including valves used for LNG related facilities such as gas processing plants, pipelines and loading/unloading terminals and even small gas fixtures for distribution to end users

  • Production Equipment for Machinery and Industrial Devices
    Production Equipment for Machinery and Industrial Devices

    With a lineup of valves with many types of materials and configurations, KITZ can supply valves for almost any requirement associated with production machinery.

  • Oil Refining and Petrochemicals
    Oil Refining and Petrochemicals

    KITZ supplies products used in refining and processing plants, pipelines, distribution terminals and even tank lorries of petroleum and petrochemical products.

  • Semiconductor Production Equipment
    Semiconductor Production Equipment

    KITZ Group member KITZ SCT Corporation, supplies piping components used in equipment that produces semiconductor devices.

  • Water Solution
    Water Solution

    KITZ group supports a stable supply of water and contributes to a comfortable lifestyle.

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