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1. Introduction

KITZ Corporation (the “KITZ”) hereby establishes and shall comply with Social Media Policy (the “Policy”) to distribute a variety of information and contents as well as products and services related to our company. Please read and understand this Policy carefully before using our social networking services (the “our SNS”).

2. Management

  • ① Management lead(Contact for inquiries)
    • ・ Social Media Management Office (Publicity and IR Promotion Dept.)
    • ・
  • ② Our SNS List
  • ③ Period of Operation

    The operation of our SNS may be terminated or deleted without notice.

  • ④ Replies to posts and comments

    KITZ does not reply to all posts and comments from users. Please note that our SNS may restrict posts from users, so if you have any questions about the content of our posts, please contact our Management lead. The hours for responding to user enquiries are from 10:00 to 17:00(JST).

  • ⑤ Following on SNS.

    KITZ does not follow back all users who follow our SNS. Even if a user does not follow us on our SNS, we may follow the user.

  • ⑥ Official announcements

    The information posted on our SNS does not necessarily represent our official announcements and views, and our official announcements shall be made on our website and in news releases.

3. Stance concerning Participation in Social Media

KITZ engages in dialogue as a responsible participant with open mind and understanding that information posted on the social media listed in 2.2 (ii) Our SNS List (the “Service”) can be accessed by an unspecified number of users from all backgrounds and circumstances, may be spread by linking or forwarding, and that once posted, the information cannot be completely deleted, and that the dissemination of that information can affect our reputation.

4. Compliance

In using the Service, KITZ shall comply with the law and our internal rules and regulations, impose strict rules on what we say and do as a sensible member of society and take responsibility for information post and correspondence.

5. Disclaimer

KITZ shall not be liable for any damage, etc. to any user resulting from the matters caused by below. In addition, KITZ does not bear the user’s communication and internet connection charges incurred through the use of this service.

    • ① Information on the Service, including the user’s post.
    • ② Use of the Service, use of third-party websites linked to the Service.
    • ③ Disputes arising between users or between users and third parties as a result of the use stipulated in the preceding statement.
    • ④ Interruption, suspension or termination of the Service due to computer or line failure, maintenance work or other circumstances.
    • ⑤ Change or deletion of the contents or format of the Service, or interruption or suspension of all or part of the Service.
    • ⑥ Any other damage, etc. incurred on the Service.

6. Prohibitions and measures against prohibited acts

  • ■ Prohibitions
    In order to achieve better communication on the Service, KITZ shall prohibit the following acts by Users on the Service.
    • ① Identifying, disclosing or divulging personal information of other users or third parties without their consent.
    • ② Acts that damage the honor or trust of KITZ, our officers or employees, other users or third parties, or that slander or defame them, or acts that have the potential to do so.
    • ③ Acts that cause or may cause damage to KITZ, our officers and employees, other Users or third parties.
    • ④ Acts that defame or slander KITZ, other Users or third parties’ products or services, or actions that have the potential to do so.
    • ⑤ Acts that infringe or may infringe the copyrights, portrait rights or other intellectual property rights of KITZ, our officers and employees, other Users or third parties.
    • ⑥ Acts that infringe or may infringe the copyrights or other intellectual property rights of KITZ, other Users or third parties’ products or services.
    • ⑦ Acts that provide or use hacking, computer viruses or other harmful programs, or other acts that interfere or may interfere with the operation of the Service.
    • ⑧ Acts of falsifying information on the Service.
    • ⑨ Impersonating KITZ, our officers and employees, other users or third parties.
    • ⑩ Acts contrary to laws, regulations or public order and morals (including contents related to illegal or dangerous activities).
    • ⑪ Acts related to political or religious activities or sales.
    • ⑫ Profit-making activities conducted through or in relation to the Service without KITZ’s approval.
    • ⑬ Acts that violate the various rules, policies and terms of use stipulated by the Service Provider, and other acts that fall under misconduct stipulated by the Service Provider.
    • ⑭ Posting that are unrelated to the purpose of the Service
    • ⑮ Other acts that the Company deems inappropriate.
  • ■ Measures against prohibited acts
    The Company may, without advance notice, take any of the following measures, or a combination of measures, if KITZ considers that a user has committed, or is likely to commit, a prohibited act, irrespective of intent or negligence.
    • ① Deletion of comments and other posts
    • ② Restrictions on the use of our SNS (blocking or unfollowing users)
    • ③ Caution or advice via the message function in social media or private email
    • ④ Announcement via the message function in social media or private email regarding the measures taken in ① to ③ above.
    • ⑤ Reporting of such violations to the service provider
    • ⑥ Any other measures that the Company chooses to take in order to remove the prohibited conduct of the User.

7. Compensation for damages

If a user violates this Policy and causes damage to KITZ, KITZ may claim compensation from such user.

8. Intellectual property rights, etc.

  • ① KITZ may use (reproduce, process, edit, distribute, create secondary works, etc.) the User’s post without individual consent, free of charge, indefinitely and unconditionally within the scope of product and service improvement and development, marketing and other Company business purposes. In this case, the user may not exercise his/her moral rights.
  • ② All intellectual property rights (including copyrights, design rights, patent rights, utility model rights, trademark rights, know-how, etc.) contained in the information provided by KITZ on the Service shall belong to KITZ or the right-holder of such rights.
  • ③ The user may not use (including reproduction, alteration, uploading, posting, transmission, distribution, licensing, sale, publication, secondary use, etc.) any intellectual property rights contained in the information on the Service without the consent of KITZ or the rights holder in the preceding paragraph.

9. Personal information

When we obtain personal information from users, we manage it appropriately in accordance with our privacy policy.

10. Changes to this policy.

We may change this policy without advance notice to users.
In such cases, a revised version will be posted, so please always check the latest version of this policy and agree to it before using our SNS. The revised version of this Policy shall apply even to content posted prior to the revision of this Policy. The revised Policy will become effective from the time it is published on the Service.

11. Usage of social media by our officers and employees in their private lives

KITZ has strictly adhered to the Social Media Usage Guidelines (Personal Use Section), which are separate from this policy, regarding the use of social media by employees in their private lives.

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