Corporate Mission, Long-Term Management Vision, and Action Guide

KITZ Statement of Corporate Mission
Long-term Management Vision
Action Guide

KITZ’ Statement of Corporate Mission

We strive to build a robust global environment and sustainable future by supporting societal infrastructure through our advancements in fluid control technologies and materials.

Explanation of “KITZ’ Statement of Corporate Mission”

On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of our founding in fiscal 2021, we at the KITZ Group have been discussing what our raison d’être is as a company and how we can contribute to society. In February 2022, when we announced our long-term management vision, we decided to revise our corporate philosophy, “KITZ’ Statement of Corporate Mission”.

We believe that our mission to society is to create a comfortable global environment and a sustainable future. To this end, we will further refine the flow control technology and material development we have cultivated since our founding, and continue to support our social infrastructure.

Long-term Management Vision

Beyond New Heights 2030
Change the ‘Flow’

Explanation of Long-Term Management Vision

In February 2022, KITZ announced its long-term management vision “Beyond New Heights 2030 change the “Flow””. This sets out the vision of where KITZ wants to be in 2030 to realise the KITZ Declaration in the face of rapidly changing social conditions.

To date, the KITZ Group has contributed to the creation of a prosperous society by supporting people’s lives and industry in all industrial fields, particularly in the fields of building equipment and petrochemicals and general chemicals. In addition to strengthening the foundations of these core businesses, the KITZ Group is striving for ambidextrous management, accelerating its entry into growth businesses and shifting business fields without fear of risk under the keywords of “digitalisation”, which is essential for more efficient energy use, and “decarbonisation”, which aims to become carbon neutral.

Action Guide

Do it KITZ Way
  • Do it True (Integrity and Truth)
  • Do it Now (Speed and Timely)
  • Do it New (Creativity and Challenge)

Explanation of Action Guide

Do it True

Everything is changing.
Even in this new era, the basis of business is communication between people.
In human relationships, we must not forget the spirit of “dealing with people with integrity”.
We must also have the spirit of pursuing the “essence” of things rather than superficiality.
The slogan “Do it True” is a way to promote corporate activities without forgetting these principles.

Do it Now

Everything is speeding up.
To respond to the rapidly changing global environment, we have adopted the word “Now”, which means both “speed” and “timeliness”. The word “Do it Now” expresses the dynamic image of employees who take in information quickly, make decisions quickly and implement them reliably.

Do it New

Everything is changing.
In order to keep up with these changes, every employee has to change.
“Do it New” expresses the image of an employee who is not bound by preconceived ideas, but who shows hidden creativity and boldly takes on new challenges.

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