KITZ Metal Works Corporation

Corporate Profile

KITZ Metal Works Corporation
7377 Kobayakawa, Miyagawa, Chino-shi, Nagano Pref. 391-8555
Phone No.
April 1st, 2004
490,000,000 yen
Executive Director
Takaoki Nakajima, President
Number of Employees
258 (As of December 31,2021)
Business Activities
Sales and manufacture of wrought copper and copper alloys and processed products
ISO Acquisition
ISO 9001 (May 1995)
ISO 14001 (February 2001)
ISO 45001 (November 2022)

Top message

Our company manufactures and sells brass bars and processed products and handles a large amount of copper alloys. KITZ Metal Works is actively developing products that include dezincification-resistant brass bars, which contains the reduced environmental impact substances of lead and cadmium. In addition, our factories are working to reduce CO₂ emissions by switching to fuels with lower CO₂ emissions and introducing renewable energy sources to prevent global warming and reduce waste caused by the recycling process. We will continue to actively work to protect the global environmental and aim to become a trusted company.

Takaoki Nakajima
KITZ Metal Works
Takaoki Nakajima
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Examples of environmental activities

Responding to climate change

Promoting energy saving in hardware

The business consumes a great deal of electricity from electric furnaces and is designated a Type 1 Designated Energy Management Factory. The personnel of the factory work to rationalize energy use, especially with regard to hardware.

Reduction of carbon dioxide (CO₂) emission

The fuel used in the production process was converted from LPG (liquefied natural gas) to natural gas in 2019. We also converted most of the fuel used for heating from kerosene to natural gas, in the winter of 2021.
Furthermore, by 2022, we adopted 100% renewable energy sources, effectively reducing the CO₂ emission coefficient from electric energy to zero.

Waste management and resource saving

In addition to improving production efficiency, we are selecting and reviewing recycle-conscious waste treatment companies and working to reduce waste with a target of 3% less than the previous year. The company will continue to assess and implement environmentally friendly cycles.

Examples of social contribution activities

Accepting apprentices from Thailand

We accept apprentices from Thailand, where the KITZ Corporation parent company has a factory. The company hopes they will bring home the skills they learned through practical training and make use of the Japanese company culture and labor practices in their home country.

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