Feb. 15, 2024Corporate
New Factory Building in Vietnam Plant for High-Purity Gas Compatible Valves in Semiconductor Equipment Market
Feb. 8, 2024News
KITZ Achieves B Score in CDP Climate Change Analysis
Jan. 25, 2024News
To solve the water crisis during disasters, a water purification system was installed in Wajima City to provide water for daily use.
Jan. 15, 2024News
KITZ Joins the FTSE Blossom Japan Sector Relative Index for the First Time
Jan. 12, 2024News
Providing Purified River Water for Essential Needs at Evacuation Centers in Suzu City, Ishikawa Prefecture
Jan. 10, 2024News
Enhancing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: Transitioning from D&I to DE&I
Dec. 28, 2023News
Announcement of Winter Holiday
Nov. 10, 2023News
KITZ wins Bronze Awards in “PRIDE Index 2023”
Oct. 2, 2023News
Announcement of Head Office Relocation(165 KB)
Sep. 21, 2023News
Yui Susaki Wins Gold at World Wrestling Championships
Sep. 6, 2023News
Manufacturing Process Spotlighted on Popular YouTube Channel, Process X
Aug. 10, 2023Corporate
Reorganization of Valve Business in Korea
Aug. 1, 2023News
Announcement of Summer Holiday
Jul. 28, 2023Corporate
Sustainability-Linked Bonds The Progress Towards Sustainability Performance Targets(207 KB)
Jul. 3, 2023Product
KITZ Launched PFA Lined Diaphragm Valves(276 KB)
May. 25, 2023News
Obtaining AEO Certification
May. 11, 2023News
Notice of Renewal of English Website
May. 9, 2023Corporate
KITZ and JPN H2YDRO to Collaborate on Hydrogen Station for the Wide Adoption of Hydrogen-Powered Vessels
Apr. 24, 2023News
Announcement of Spring Holiday (PDF 39KB)(38 KB)
Apr. 7, 2023Corporate
Completion of New Plant Building at KITZ SCT Nitta SC Plant, Expands Production Capacity of Valves for Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment (PDF 236KB)(230 KB)

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