KITZ SCT Corporation of Kunshan

Corporate Profile

KITZ SCT Corporation of Kunshan
8-3, No. 3 Road, Export Processing A Zone, Kunshan, Jiangsu 215300 People’s Republic of China
Phone No.
January 2004
Business Activities
Manufacture and sales of piping materials for semiconductor manufacturing equipment
ISO Acquisition
January 2021

Examples of environmental activities

Responding to climate change

In order to reduce power consumption, all of in-house lighting (including the cleanroom) is now LEDs, and all outdated air conditioners have been upgraded to models with high energy-saving functions. In addition, we updated the power factor improving condenser in the power receiving room and the compressor (inverter type).

Waste management and resource saving

The introduction of an alkaline cleaning agent recovery and regeneration device reduced the amount of the cleaning agent used and emissions. In addition, we introduced a device that reuses the wastewater from pure water cleaning as raw water, enabling 100% reuse of pure water. The company is also working to reduce the waste generated from production processes by thorough separation. In order to reduce the amount of waste cutting oil discharged from machining equipment, we introduced a system to recycle waste oil.

Environmental management system

In China, where environmental laws and regulations became stricter, we established a wastewater treatment facility in April 2016 to comply with wastewater standards and to continue to reuse wastewater (reclaimed water) for reduction. In addition, as a measure against VOCs, solvent-based degreasing equipment was updated. The company educates all employees on the basic actions of garbage separation when they join the company in order to raise environmental awareness.

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