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Welcome to the Basic Knowledge of Valves site. Some of you may be less familiar with “valve.” “However, “”valve”” firmly supports your everyday lives in the shade.”

The origin of ” valve ” can be traced back to the wooden cock excavated from the ancient Egyptian ruins around 1000 BC. In the ancient Roman period, a water pipe was laid in the aristocracy’s house, and a bronze cock was attached to the outlet. In this way, metallic valve has been in practical use for more than 2000 years.

Metallic valve was first used in Japan when boilers for spinning were imported in 1863. valve was actually manufactured domestically in the Meiji period, and valve manufacturing began in 1885 with the start of a water supply and city gas business.

Today, valve is used in a variety of activities to protect the global environment. These include kitchens, bathrooms, washrooms, air-conditioning equipment in office buildings, various facilities in manufacturing plants, vehicles such as automobiles and trains, and power stations and incinerators.

We would like you to know, pay attention to, and be familiar with valve, which has a long history and is active in a wide range of fields, from home to business.


The heart is where the valve is used in the human body.
The heart beats as long as humans are alive, has functions similar to pumps, and is breathing or extruding blood.
Blood gathered through the veins throughout the body is not regurgitated by the valves ① to ④ in the following order: vena cava→right atrium→① right atrioventricular→② pulmonary valve→lung→③ left atrial valve→③ left atrial valve→④ aortic valve→④ aortic valve. If the valve breaks or holes in the septum, it does not work properly. In this way, there is a valve (valve) at a place close to you and unconscious, and it works.

In the term JIS valve, valve is a generic term for equipment that has a movable mechanism that allows the passage to be opened and closed to allow fluid to pass through, stop, or control. In addition, the term “valve” is used when qualified terms such as application, type, and model are attached.
Valve is a generic term for devices that can stop or control the flow of fluids (water, air, gases, etc.) in pipes.

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