Disclosure Policy

Basic Policy

KITZ shall fundamentally disclose information fairly and timely to be accountable to society and improve transparency of management. Additionally, KITZ will strive to improve disclosed information to promote all stakeholders’, including shareholders and investors, understanding of KITZ and have them evaluate KITZ appropriately.

Standards for Information Disclosure

KITZ shall disclose the information according to the Companies Act, the Financial Instruments and Exchange Law, other laws and regulations, and the rules on timely disclosure of corporate information stipulated in the Securities Listing Regulations of the securities exchange (hereinafter “timely disclosure rules”). KITZ shall timely and appropriately disclose the information we judge useful to have you understand us even if the information is not subject to the timely disclosure rules.

Disclosure Methods

KITZ shall announce the information subject to the timely disclosure rules to the press through issuance of a press release or a press conference and immediately publish the information on our website after disclosure to Tokyo Stock Exchange’s TDnet (Timely Disclosure Network). The information not subject to the timely disclosure rules is also disclosed timely and appropriately.

Management of Internal Information

KITZ locates chief information officer to prevent insider transactions and a leakage of insider information and appropriately manages the information subject to the timely disclosure rules. KITZ also has the detailed rules on management of internal information and insider transactions and educates officers and employees to completely operate the detailed rules.

Treatment of Earnings Forecasts and Forward-looking Information

Forward looking statements that include earnings forecasts disclosed by KITZ are based on information KITZ has obtained and certain assumptions KITZ judges reasonable, and KITZ shall give no guarantee for the realization of the statements. Additionally, please understand that actual business results may substantially differ from published earnings forecasts due to changes in economic or the business environment surrounding KITZ.

Quiet Period

KITZ sets as a quiet period the period from the day immediately after the closing date and before the announcement of the relevant financial statements to prevent the leakage of information affecting share prices to ensure fairness among shareholders and investors. During the quiet period, KITZ does not respond to questions or comment on the account settlement and earnings forecasts. However, KITZ timely discloses the information according to the timely disclosure rules when the probability emerges during the quiet period that large differences arise between earnings forecasts and actual business results.

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