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Building and Construction

A wide range of KITZ Group valves are used in the construction of high-rise office buildings, hotels, public facilities, homes and other facilities among many of the construction facilities, including air conditioning equipment, heat exchange piping for heat source equipment, hot water supply equipment.

Machinery and Equipment

The KITZ Group’s valves, equipped with actuators, provide a wide range of materials, valve types, and automation of production, are used to supply fluids and gases to machinery and equipment production facilities and semiconductor production facilities used in production lines and processing lines.

Industrial Plants (Refinery, Petro Chemical, General Chemical, Oil and Gas, Power Plants)

The KITZ Group’s valves are widely used not only in KITZ brand cast steel valves, which have a long track record in petroleum refining and chemical complexes, but also in special applications such as stainless steel, PFAs and PTFE lined ball valves, which are highly resistant to heat and chemicals.
In addition, the KITZ Group’s trunnion-type ball valves and all-weld-type forged steel ball valves are widely used in natural gas conveyance facilities and pipelines, which are important energy infrastructures, as well as in gas delivery facilities in gas-fired power stations.


Liquefied Natural Gas…LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas), which has been in the spotlight in recent years as a safe and environmentally friendly energy, contributes to a low-carbon society and contributes to the control of global warming because it generates less carbon dioxide when burned than coal or oil. KITZ is expanding its contribution to society by developing Cryogenic valves (-196°C) for LNG plants and LNG receiving terminals, and supplying valves to LNG plants worldwide from its experience in supplying Cryogenic valves to many LNG receiving terminals in Japan.

Hydrogen Station

A hydrogen supply chain is being developed for a carbon-neutral society. Valves are responsible for fluid control in every aspect of hydrogen production, transportation / storage, and utilization. KITZ combines the fluid control technology and cryogenic technology cultivated over many years to provide valves that support a hydrogen society. We will contribute to the realization of a carbon-neutral society around the world with our outstanding technology.

Hydrogen Business

Hydrogen is expected to become a clean energy source.
The demand for infrastructure and equipment related to hydrogen is growing.
With the slogan “Kitz with hydrogen“, KITZ will respond to various needs related to hydrogen.

Fine Chemical

The demand of Electronics chemicals, Semiconductors materials ,Pure water/ultra-pure water, pharmaceutical row materials is increasing in each market sector KITZ will contribute to the process facility of producing those material.

Bronze and Brass Valves

KITZ bronze/brass valves are widely utilized for commercial and industrial application in the world.

Ductile Valves

Ductile iron has much stronger mechanical properties than ordinary cast steel.
Ductile valves also have a wide range of operating pressures and temperatures, and are more economical than stainless steel valves.

Cast Iron Valves

Cast iron has a long history that dates back hundreds of years and is mainly employed for low-pressure, low-temperature applications.
All KITZ Cast iron valves are manufactured in our specialized plant under our strict quality control system.
KITZ cast iron valves are commonly used for a wide range of applications, including air-conditioning and plumbing in buildings, fire fighting equipment, water and sewer lines and utility systems in various industrial plants.

Stainless Steel Valves

KITZ stainless and high alloy steel valves are widely utilized in Chemical, Petrochemical, food and beverage, pulp and paper, Pharmaceutical and other industrial processing plant through the world.

Cast Steel Valves

Combining high toughness, hardness and tensile strength with impact strength, cast steel valves are commonly used for high-temperature and high-pressure applications in a variety of industries.
KITZ offers various types of JPI, API and ANSI / ASTM standard cast steel valves on a steady-supply basis. These KITZ valves are widely used in petroleum and petrochemical plants throughout the world.

Corrosion Resistant and Special Materials

The KITZ Group’s valves, which also have casting processes at their own plants, are compatible with a variety of materials.
It has materials such as bronze, brass, cast steel, cast iron, ductile cast iron, cast iron lining, stainless steel, and special alloy steel, so it can provide proper valves for corrosion resistance against various fluids, durability, and high temperature range.

Ball Valves

Ball valves, one of KITZ’s main products, offer a lineup of valves compatible with a variety of materials. We also produce metal seats that support special lines and can handle operating temperatures up to 500°C, as well as Λ (lambda) port valves that can be closed and controlled to accommodate slurry fluids. We apply standards such as ANSI/ASME and API,MSS,ISO,DIN,JIS to supply worldwide.

Butterfly Valves

Kitz offers a variety of butterfly valves in combination with body materials and seats to meet customer needs.
The butterfly valve features a compact and simple structure. Because of its relatively light weight and the advantage that it can be used even in a small space. It is used in a wide range of places, including industrial processes and construction equipment.

Gate, Globe, Check Valves and Strainer

Various valves are available in a wide range of applications, including gate valves, which can be manufactured in a wide variety of sizes, have a wide range of material options, and have a wide range of pressure and temperature response ranges, globe valves, which have a shorter opening and closing time than gate valves and can change flow characteristics with a jisk shape, check valves that constantly maintain fluid flow in a constant direction and prevent backflow, and strainers for removing foreign matter from fluids. Information on gate valves, globe valves, and check valves can be found in most catalogs for each material.

Actuated Valves

With the automation of production facilities, automatic operation valves (automatic valves) have become widely used not only in industrial processes but also in high-rise building construction and production equipment. The Kitz Group has a lineup of pneumatic and electric actuators to accommodate the automation of a wide range of valve types.

Valve Search

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Basics of Valve

The origin of "valve" can be traced back to the wooden cock excavated from the ancient Egyptian ruins around 1000 BC. In the ancient Roman period, a water pipe was laid in the aristocracy's house, and a bronze cock was attached to the outlet. In this way, metallic valve has been in practical use for more than 2000 years.
We would like you to know,pay attention to, and be familiar with valve,wich has a long history and is active in a wide range of fields,from home to business.

Various Calculation Tools

Various Calculation Tools are available for practical use.
Unit Conversion:Absolute pressure and gauge pressure can be converted in the pressure unit. Gas flow rate can be converted between the actual flow rate and normal flow rate.Viscosity and kinematic viscosity can be converted in units of viscosity.
PT Rating Interpolation Calculation:By pressure and temperature, value between two points can be calculated by linear interpolation.
Calculating Cv Value by using Simple Formula:You can calculate Cv (Flow Coefficient) for the fluid condition entered for the liquid, gas, and steam.
Flow Rate Calculation:Velocity can be calculated from the flow rate. And flow rate can be calculated from velocity.

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