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 Our products meet a variety of demands

Safe and reliable water. A steady supply of oil and gas. lives in a clean environment. Through the manufacture and sale of valves that control the flow of water, air, oil and gas, the KITZ Group contributes to today’s affluent society by supporting the lifelines that are essential to our daily lives and industry.
Furthermore, as fluid control professionals, we are committed to expanding our reach and opportunities around the world with products and services that exceed customer expectations and create the wealthy and prosperous societies of tomorrow.

Valve of KITZ

Building and House

Machinery and Equipment

Industrial Plants(petroleum refining, chemicals, gas, and electric power)


Hydrogen Station

Hydrogen Business

Functional Chemicals(Fine Chemical)

Butterfly valve・
Ball valve


Cryogenic valve

Gate valve/
Globe valve/
Check valve/Strainer

Corrosion resistant and Special materials

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