Green Logistics

KITZ works to reduce CO₂ and packing materials in logistics by making cooperative delivery and distribution more efficient.

Approach to green logistics

By having production bases in Japan and overseas, the KITZ Group demonstrates its commitment to reducing the environmental impact of logistics by working to reduce CO₂ emissions, minimizing transit distances with more efficient distribution, and switching to environmentally friendly cargo handling equipment (such as forklifts). KITZ is also working with suppliers to improve the efficiency of logistics by encouraging Group companies to use joint delivery rather than each group company’s individual delivery system.

Status of green logistics

The KITZ Group aims to build a circulating logistics system by connecting the pipelines of forward logistics and reverse logistics. The Group is working to reduce CO₂ emissions by implementing cooperative and integrated deliveries. For the transportation of procured parts and materials, KITZ uses the returning vehicles of the dedicated delivery service operated cooperatively with other Group companies, a network of transportation companies, and the delivery services for sold products. In addition, the Group established a delivery and procurement network with high transportation efficiency by jointly operating a dedicated product logistics service around the plant. These efforts reduced the trunk transportation distance by avoiding the duplication of the routes and increased the load ratio by 20%.

Status of green logistics

Example of green logistics initiatives

In the past, stretch wrap was used to prevent load shifting during the transportation of products and parts. However, this caused waste problems for customers. KITZ is working to reduce the use of wrap by adopting nets that can be used repeatedly. KITZ is also promoting the use of returnable containers for the transportation of some products.

Example of green logistics initiatives
Changes in CO₂ emissions for KITZ Group logistics
Changes in monthly average pallet collection

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