Dialogue with Employees

Holding the KITZ Group Engagement Forum, Dialogue with Employees

We hold the KITZ Group Engagement Forum to promote the Long-term Management Vision internally and achieve group-wide goals. At the forum, the president and other members of top management engage in direct dialogue with employees about the Long-term Management Vision. In FY2022, the forum was held 37 times, including at group companies, with 728 employees participating.

The forum provides an opportunity for employees to directly receive messages from top management and to feel that they have a personal stake. The top management can also listen directly to employees’ feedback and reflect that in management to foster shared values through cross-dialogue. Through these efforts, we will work to spread our corporate philosophy and Long-term Management Vision.

Holding Toshio Kitazawa Engagement Forum events for employees to communicate with each other

Conduct Employee Engagement Surveys

KITZ regards constant improvements to employee engagement as one of the key themes of sustainability management. In FY2021, we have started conducting an engagement survey with the aim of ascertaining the current state of our organizational culture. In addition to reporting to management on the results of the engagement survey, we also provide feedback to individual workplaces to verify and analyze the current state of the organizational culture, as well as setting specific action plans and target figures, and deploying these activities in each workplace.

Employee engagement score

FY 2021 Results FY 2022 Results FY2024
Job satisfaction 48pt 48pt 56pt
Positive work environment 43pt 44pt 55pt

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