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Policy on Procurement

The KITZ Group contributes to enriching people’s lives by delivering improved products, technologies, and services to people around the world. To realize this goal, we implement procurement activities based on the following policies.

  • 1. In our relationships with suppliers, we aim for joint growth and progress, as well as building relations of mutual trust, through fair and equitable transactions as equal business partners based on principles of coexistence and co-prosperity.
  • 2. Based on a high sense of ethics and social consciousness, we comply with the laws, regulations, and social norms of each country, fulfilling our social responsibilities in areas that include respect for human rights, ensuring occupational health and safety, environmental protection, and information management and protection.
  • 3. We deploy procurement activities with consideration not only for stable and appropriate quality, prices, and delivery times but also for reducing the environmental impact.

Conditions of Procurement

Please check the KITZ Conditions of Materials Procurement.

Methods of ordering

  • 1. Repeat orders
    In principle, we do not employ ordering conducted periodically or in fixed quantities. While, in principle, we make tentative decisions on planned transaction volumes at least two months in advance, we employ transactions conducted irregularly in which products are ordered repeatedly in fixed volumes. Basically, we ask suppliers to maintain inventories of products ordered repeatedly. Although, in principle, we request guarantees of receipt of these inventory volumes in the amount of tentative decisions on purchase, as necessary, we will negotiate these separately.
  • 2. One-time orders
    These orders are placed for only the materials needed when we receive an order with special specifications from a customer. In principle, we do not employ guarantee of receipt of surplus in these transactions.

Methods of delivery

  • 1. Packed delivery
    In principle, based on environmental considerations, we ask suppliers to use minimal packaging in special containers in periodic transactions and those in varying volumes (repeat orders). We negotiate separately on packing methods.
  • 2. Procurement logistics delivery
    We have a growing domestic logistics network. Suppliers can use this route in transactions conducted with us. We negotiate separately on details.

Important Purchases

Materials and supplies we procure at present are listed below.

Category Subcategory Sub-subcategory Now seeking?
Casting raw materials Scrap Cast iron, ductile iron, stainless steel, bronze and brass
Casting alloys Various types For use in the casting above
Castings Cast and forged products Stainless steel, cast steel, bronze and brass
Cast products Cast iron, ductile iron (approx. 200 g – 100 kg)
Investment casting products Ductile iron, stainless steel Now seeking
Aluminum Die casting, gravity casting products Actuator components
Bolts, nuts Stainless steel, Alloy steel (chiefly ASTM)
Packing Various types for valve use
Gaskets Various types for valve use
O-rings Various types (for industrial use) Now seeking
Plates Aluminum, stainless steel
Strainers Various types in stainless steel Punched metal products
Sheet metal working Various materials Pressing, welding, bending, etc.
Surface treatment Plating Various types of plating
Machining Machining work Various materials, various forms
Painting Painting work Powder, spray
Paints Various types
Resins For molding, machined Various plastics and fluororesins
Safety gear Various types
Machining tools Various types
Packing materials Various types
Corrugated cardboard Various types
Welding Various types
Heat treatment Various types
Springs Various materials (e.g., Inconel)
Electronic components Circuit boards, relays, cables, etc.
Motors For valve driving Compact motors, electric motors
Others For valve use New materials, new construction methods Now seeking

Procedures for new transactions

Procedures for new transactions

Note: The above flowchart represents a typical example for a product handled by KITZ.
Steps may vary depending on the product. Contact us using the application form for more information.

For Suppliers

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Below is application form for material procurement.
For suppliers who wish to sell products to us, kindly confirm our requirement here before making application.

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