KITZ Corporation of Europe, S.A.

Corporate Profile

KITZ Corporation of Europe, S.A.
Ramón Viñas, 8 08930 Sant Adrià de Besòs, Barcelona, Spain
Phone No.
June 1991
Business Activities
Manufacturing and sales of cast steel and stainless steel ball valves
ISO Acquisition
May 2012

Examples of environmental activities

Responding to climate change

We introduced LED bulbs and automatic lighting to reduce power consumption.

Waste management and resource saving

We installed plastic collection containers for waste separation in each department in order to save resources and reduce waste. In addition, since 2011, plastic, paper, and cardboard waste produced on the assembly lines have been separated by removing packages of shafts and gaskets. The company is also working to reduce packaging in preparation for picking. The most important packaging is removed in the warehouse, so products arrive on the assembly lines with almost no packaging, thus minimizing assembly waste.
Installing coolant purification equipment and reusing coolant enabled us to minimize maintenance work and significantly reduce the volume of water consumption and waste generation.

Environmental management system

As environmental laws and regulations become stricter, we outsource compliance with environmental laws and regulations to outside specialists. This clarifies the obligations that the company must fulfil.

Environmental education

Several company locations have different types of waste, paper, plastic, and toner that can be separated; all personnel are informed and trained in waste separation. New employees are trained from day one.

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