KITZ Micro Filter Corporation

Corporate Profile

KITZ Micro Filter Corporation
5125, Kanazawa, Chino City, Nagano 391-8566 Japan
Phone No.
+81-266-75-1140 (main telephone number)
April 1st, 2004
90,000,000 yen
Executive Director
Futoshi Kuroiwa, President
Number of Employees
140 (As of December 31, 2021)
Business Activities
Manufacturing and sales of filters and accessories
ISO Acquisition
ISO 9001 (October 2003)
ISO 14001 (March 2001)
Japan Water Works Association Quality Certification Registered Factory (Chino Plant)
Registered as medical equipment manufacturer in Nagano Prefecture (Chino Plant)

Top message

KITZ Micro Filter believes that reducing its environmental impact is an important management issue and strives to achieve the following four points with advanced filtration technology that uses the proprietary filter medium of hollow fiber membranes and provides useful products to society.

  • 1. Comply with environmental laws and regulations and strive to protect the environment and prevent pollution
  • 2. Maintain and continuously improve the environmental management system in accordance with ISO 14001
  • 3. Improve the quality of the entire business, including products and customer satisfaction
  • 4. Actively promote the saving of resources and energy to reduce the environmental impact
President Futoshi Kuroiwa
KITZ Micro Filter
Futoshi Kuroiwa
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  • KITZ Micro Filter Corporation Discharge of industrial Waste

Examples of environmental activities

Climate Change Action Plan

Reducing CO₂ Emissions

We have three initiatives as a base for our plans to reduce CO₂ emissions.
First, we are developing energy-saving solutions that all employees can participate in, starting from our offices. In addition to clarifying and displaying the temperature settings and light-off times for air conditioners and lighting, we are also spreading awareness throughout the company regarding energy conservation. Furthermore, we are creating an energy-saving environment by adopting energy-saving equipment as an option for new installments and renewals of equipment.
The second initiative is aimed at reducing emissions by improving the productivity of production lines. As an example of a particularly successful case this fiscal year, we were able to make a significant improvement in reducing in-process defects by going to the site, making a direct observation, and taking immediate action. As a result, we were able to reduce the amount of waste as well as the amount of energy usage. In addition, activities to improve the operation rate, such as reducing equipment downtime, have eliminated losses from idling and resulted in energy savings.
The third initiative was the introduction of CO₂free green electricity in cooperation with the KITZ Group. We have made significant contribution in the reduction of emissions by using 100% renewable energy.

Examples of social contribution activities

Participation in Lake Suwa cleanup by employee volunteers

In FY2021, six in-house volunteers participated in the Lake Suwa cleanup, which was part of the Adopt Program sponsored by the Japanese Trade Union Confederation of Suwa (RENGO Nagano). In August, 25 employees participated in the KITZ Microfilter Clean Campaign, picking up trash along sidewalks near the office. Participating employees commented that they wanted to protect the environment they live in for the future, and that they were surprised and pleased at the large number of people who participated.

Cooperation in Internships (Work Experience) for Local High School Students

We cooperate with local high schools, junior high schools, and elementary schools in their internship programs. We accepted five students in 2021 and seven students in 2022 for work experience. The students commented that they became interested in manufacturing and gained insight for their future careers. They also said it made them happy to think that the products they worked on would be useful somewhere.

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