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Comprehensive valve manufacturer

KITZ, a comprehensive valve manufacturer

KITZ Corporation began manufacturing and selling valves in 1951,
and today the valve business continues to expand as an important business,
accounting for 80% of sales. KITZ’s valves contribute to the lifeline
and development of the Japanese manufacturing industry.

Company Briefing

What is a valve?

A valve is a generic term for “fluid control devices” that are used to flow, stop or control fluids (water, air, oil, gas, etc.) in pipelines.


KITZ Valves

Fluid Operating Temperature Range and Maximum Working Pressure

The Group has manufacturing facilities for the main materials used in valves and its product manufacturing is based on an integrated system from material selection, casting, machining, assembly and testing.
By establishing a quality assurance system for materials, the KITZ brand has established itself as a trusted brand.

Valve of KITZValve of KITZ

Where valves are in use

KITZ Group valves are connected to a wide range of pipes, from those used in everyday life, such as sewage, hot water, gas and air conditioning, to those used in production processes in all sectors of industry, such as petroleum, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and food. These valves are the backbone of people’s lives.

Where valves are used

Support life

Gas meter
Gas meter
Water supply and drainage facilities
Water supply and drainage facilities

Support lifestyles

urban centre
Purification plant
Purification plant

Support industry

Thermal power station
Thermal power station
LNG base
LNG base

Integrated production system

Production systems that ensure high quality

“When cutomer needs them”,“In the quantities customer needs”,“With better quality”.

KITZ Group manufacturing is based on delivering the products customers need “when cutomer needs them”, “in the quantities customer needs” and “with better quality”.
Based on integrated manufacturing, KITZ positions castings (bare metal), the valve material, as its core technology and manufactures them in-house from the casting stage.
Integrated production, with casting facilities for each of the main valve materials – bronze, cast iron, ductile steel, stainless steel and cast steel – within the group, has enabled us to establish a quality assurance system based on materials and to achieve high-mix, low-volume production.

All manufactured in-house

  • DesignDesign
  • Casting(molding)Casting
  • AssemblyAssembly
  • InspectionInspection
  • ShippingShipping
All manufactured in-house

KITZ to know from videos

KITZ to know from videos

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