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Perrin GmbH
Siemensstraße 1, 61130 Nidderau, Germany
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Merged into KITZ in December 2009
Business Activities
Manufacturing and sales of metal-seated ball valves
ISO Acquisition
Not yet acquired

Examples of environmental activities

Responding to climate change

At the Berlin-Prenzlau site, the renewal of energy-saving equipment between 2015 and summer of 2016 resulted in a significant reduction in lighting-related power consumption. Power savings were approximately 10,000 kWh per year, which was equivalent to €16,300 (net per year). In October 2016, the heating system was converted from oil to natural gas. This heating system, which is clean and efficient using the latest heat generation technology, has been introduced to keep supplier costs down.

Waste management and resource saving

Perrin constantly separates metal shavings to achieve sales targets. The accumulated cooling emulsion is returned to the machine cycle, and paper and cardboard are separately collected. Electronic waste, light bulbs and toners are delivered to local recycling centers. Packaging materials (boxes) used for transporting parts between Prenzlau and Nidderau are used twice.

Environmental management system

Perrin promotes strict compliance with environmental laws and regulations. Specifically, the company implements the following measures:

  • ・Storage of cooling lubricant and oil and installation of storage tub for transportation
  • ・Installation of storage tubs in dangerous goods cabinets
  • ・Regular inventories of hazardous substances and evaluation of the risk in the working group on occupational safety and environmental protection
  • ・Introduction of chip storage with covers or closed containers

Environmental education

Education on the handling of chips and cooling lubricant is provided for all employees at the plant. Perrin implements the measures determined in accordance with the results of the energy management audit in 2015.

Other activities

Perrin makes every effort to raise environmental awareness in all areas. The slogan “Do not wait for someone to start—do it now,” demonstrates its commitment to activities that will lead to the achievement of its goals. For example, the company installed an electric vehicle charging station in the company’s car park and is examining a plan to build an energy-saving plant using solar power generation. Perrin will also consider participation in the development of products and technologies, such as hydrogen mobility, to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases.

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