Hotel Beniya Co, Ltd.

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Hotel Beniya Co, Ltd.
2-7-21 Kogandori, Suwa-shi, Nagano pref. 392-8577
Phone No.
December 1995
50,000,000 yen
Executive Director
Hitoshi Kurihara, President
Number of Employees
199 (As of December 31,2021)
Business Activities
Hotel (accommodations and conventions), restaurants, and highway service areas

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Located on Lake Suwa and surrounded by the lush nature of Shinshu, Hotel Beniya is a resort hotel where guests can enjoy beautiful views of the Northern Alps and soothing hot springs. With a full-fledged bedrock bath facility, the hotel welcomes guests with a luxurious and relaxing ambience and hospitality. Hotel Beniya works on environmental activities for our employees and for business partners to reduce power consumption and make effective use of packaging materials and cooking oil. The hotel staff will continue to proactively work to conserve energy and effectively use resources, aiming to become an environmentally friendly hotel.

Hitoshi Kurihara
Hotel Beniya Co, Ltd.
Hitoshi Kurihara
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Examples of environmental activities

Responding to climate change

Improving energy efficiency through large-scale renovation

In 2013, Hotel Beniya underwent a major renovation to its equipment and facilities, replaced the centralized control of the air-conditioning system with a high-efficiency EHP system in all guest rooms, and established a comfortable air-conditioning system that meets the needs of customers. Preventing overcooling and overheating enables peak-cut control and reduces power consumption. In addition, by changing all lighting in the banquet halls to LED, the heat load of lighting can be reduced with expected improvements in air-conditioning efficiency and the saving of energy. The targets for fiscal year 2022 are to review the peak-cut control system, thoroughly separate waste, recycle combustibles, and reduce the amount of waste with garbage disposal equipment.

Examples of social contribution activities

Clean-up activities around Lake Suwa

Lake Suwa is the headwaters of the Tenryu River, and the water is discharged from the Kamaguchi Suimon water gate. The river flows through Aichi and Shizuoka prefectures and is a class A river. Under the slogan “Make Suwa a Swimming Lake,” the hotel staff participate in a Lake Suwa Clean-up Campaign every month in cooperation with everyone in the neighboring area. From April to November, three to four staff members from the hotel participate to keep the local tourism resources clean. In addition, monthly clean-up around the hotel is a part of the community contribution activities.

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