Metalúrgica Golden Art’s Ltda.

Corporate Profile

Metalúrgica Golden Art’s Ltda. (Brazil)
Rua Getúlio Vargas, 496, Bairro Renovação, Veranópolis, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
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Merged into the KITZ Group in November 2015
Business Activities
Manufacture and sales of industrial ball valves
ISO Acquisition
ISO14001 (December 2019)

Examples of environmental activities

Responding to climate change

The company uses LED lamps for all lighting. We invested in equipment to reduce exhaust from the plant and kept the amount generated below the standard value of the environmental law. The company purposefully chose hydroelectric power for the energy used in the plant. In 2020, we achieved saved energy equivalent to 375 tons/year of greenhouse gases using hydroelectric energy.

Certificate of the Effect of the Use of Hydroelectric Energy
Certificate of the Effect of the Use of Hydroelectric Energy
(Effect of reducing greenhouse gases by 375 tons)

Waste management and resource saving

In order to make effective use of finite resources and reduce the waste generated, the company promotes the following environmental improvement measures:

  • ・Reduce material consumption by introducing new technologies to each process
  • ・Promote reuse and recycling
  • ・Radically reduce waste based on an environmental management system (ratio of waste that could not be reused and transported to landfills [final disposal rate]: 10.5% in 2019 to 3.76% in 2020)
  • ・Reuse water from the manufacturing processes and use rainwater in the processes (awarded the Grand Eco Prize in 2008 and 2019 for water resource and energy savings by Editora Expressão [publisher specialized in the environment])

Environmental management system

In order to comprehensively comply with Brazil’s environmental laws and regulations, the company introduced Lagnet, a progress management system for compliance with environmental laws and regulations, which was designed to visualize the degree of compliance by the company with such laws and regulations. As of 2021, the company is 100% compliant with environment-related laws and regulations.

Environmental education

The company periodically provides environmental education to all employees and to the personnel on each line in order to further improve environmental awareness. Monthly Environment Subcommittee meetings (Quality Assurance, Production, Occupational Health and Safety and Environment) are convened to share information. In addition to internal education, the company also submits information on environmental education to all stakeholders via the internet, using blogs on the company website and SNSs, such as Instagram.

Actual social contribution activities

Other activities

We value the relationship with local communities and promote the establishment of an environmentally friendly community together with its neighbors.

Activities as an NGO: Eco-Post

In Veranópolis City, where the company facilities operate, we contribute to the promotion of local environmental conservation activities, serve as an observer for local environmental conservation NGOs, and suggest concrete environmental conservation activities. For example, separating recyclable and non-recyclable waste has not become a regular practice of citizens in Brazil. To improve the situation, the company sponsored the initiative of installing Eco-Posts (bins for sorted collection of waste) on the streets. The first Post was installed in the street of the city in 2019.


Lecture meetings for citizens

Inviting neighbors, the company sponsors annual lectures on environmental conservation to introduce its efforts and to recommend activities that can be easily practiced at home in daily life. We also listen to suggestions and expectations for environmental and safety activities from local residents and work to further deepen relationships with local communities on a day-to-day basis.

Local event site
Local event site

Other social contribution activities

We are committed to the social activities of collecting PET bottle caps and empty pill packages and using the profits earned from selling these materials to donate medical equipment (e.g. wheelchairs) to local medical institutes. In fiscal year 2020, the company collected more than 500 kg of caps and packages. Company personnel also collect broken umbrellas to make reusable bags and provides them to citizen groups. In addition, the company plans and sponsors local events on environmental conservation and promotes greening by planting seedlings on company premises and in Veranópolis City.

Bottle cap collection box in the company
Bottle cap collection box in the company
/ Planting seedlings

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