Hydrogen station

KITZ with hydrogen

A hydrogen supply chain is being developed for a carbon-neutral society. Valves are responsible for fluid control in every aspect of hydrogen production, transportation / storage, and utilization. KITZ combines the fluid control technology and cryogenic technology cultivated over many years to provide valves that support a hydrogen society. We will contribute to the realization of a carbon-neutral society around the world with our outstanding technology.

KITZ Nagasaka factory hydrogen station

High pressure ball valve for hydrogen station

KITZ’s 98MPa and 50MPa ball valves for hydrogen stations have low pressure loss, excellent sealing performance and durability, and can control high flow rates. In addition, we have a wide lineup to help ensure reliability and safe operation of hydrogen stations.

Hydrogen refueling station package units

A hydrogen station package unit with piping efficiency in a compact size. The package which integrates equipment such as compressors, storage vessels, and valve units, prevents initial issues at construction sites by conducting operation tests before the delivery. It greatly contributes to reduce construction cost and shorten a construction period.

KITZ valves support hydrogen stations

A high pressure ball valve for hydrogen stations, which was launched in 2012 after 5 years of development. The development of a ball valve with a high Cv value has enabled speedy hydrogen filling. KITZ’s hydrogen station valves, which have a wide lineup, are active in hydrogen stations nationwide.

KITZ Nagasaka factory hydrogen station (for private use)

Since April 2018, KITZ have been operating a hydrogen station for private use in our Nagasaka factory in Yamanashi Prefecture, and have been developing our advanced technology. We will continue to challenge new possibilities such as developing sustainable products.

KITZ’s valve development for hydrogen

Hydrogen is the smallest molecule in the universe. It is a gas that is very difficult to seal. In order to realize a hydrogen energy society, technology to seal hydrogen even in harsh environments such as ultra-high pressure and extremely low temperature is required. KITZ develop valves for liquid hydrogen based on the knowledge and experiences for the ultra-low temperature valve technology for liquefied natural gas (LNG) for years. For near future, we are also been developing a large size ball valve with an excellent Cv value in order to support the transportation and acceptance of liquid hydrogen, which is expected to grow in scale in the future.

KITZ Group has global network for hydrogen valves

KITZ group provide a full lineup of products, operates bases in 18 countries and manage 12 brands in the world. As a joint project of the KITZ Group , KITZ developed the high pressure ball valves for hydrogen station, and KITZ SCT and Perrin GmbH are in charge of manufacturing and sales to customers all over the world.

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