Shimizu Alloy Mfg. Co., Ltd.

Corporate Profile

Shimizu Alloy Mfg. Co., Ltd.
928 Higashinonami-cho, Hikone-shi, Shiga pref. 522-0027
Phone No.
June 3rd, 1961
90,300,000 yen
Executive Director
Hitoshi Oda, President
Number of Employees
157 (As of December 31, 2021)
Business Activities
1.Manufacture of valves for water and sewage
2.Heat-resistant control valves for steelmaking plant
3.Environmental business (water treatment related)
4.Specified construction industry (machinery and equipment installation work)
ISO Acquisition
ISO 9001 (September 1998)
ISO 14001 (July 2004)

Top message

Our headquarters is located on the shores of Lake Biwa, Japan’s largest lake. The company plays a part in the KITZ Group manufacture of water and sewage valves and water purification systems. By consistently focusing on the future, we protect the valuable water resource and operates in an environmentally friendly manner. Since acquiring ISO 14001 certification in July 2004, the company has promoted environmental conservation activities centered on saving energy and reducing waste. We removed asbestos from the office building in 2007, improved the sewage system on the premises, and introduced energy-saving painting equipment in 2008 to reduce its environmental impact. In fiscal year 2015, the company built an environmentally friendly office building. We will continue to actively promote the continuous environmental conservation activities of saving energy, reducing waste emissions, and effectively using water resources to enhance corporate value and to contribute to local communities.

Hitoshi Oda
Shimizu Alloy Mfg. Co., Ltd.
Hitoshi Oda
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Examples of environmental activities

Responding to environmental risks

Repair work for noise complaints completed

The plant renewed the walls of the factory building adjacent to neighboring apartments and installed wooden panels reflecting the image of the four seasons. The personnel of the plant hope to maintain good relationships with local residents.

Environmentally friendly products and services

Long-life and earthquake-resistant Gate valves

Because many current water supply facilities are undergoing renewal, the plant supplies GX Soft, a soft seal gate valve that o excellent earthquake resistance and contributes to a longer service life of pipelines. Following the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011, efforts have been promoted nationwide to improve the seismic resistance of water and electricity systems. We improved the anti-corrosion feature of the GX Soft while maintaining the same seismic resistance as conventional seismic soft seal gate valves.

Examples of social contribution activities

Cooperation in internships for local high school students

In July 2021, we accepted a total of three students from two local high schools as interns. In addition, a local high school was selected to participate in the Meister High School Program by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, and one of our employees will be dispatched as a professional industrial teacher.

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