Message from Director in Charge of Sustainability

We will continue to proactively take on the challenge of new things with the aim to become a 100-year company.


Promoting Sustainability Management

Since its founding in 1951, the KITZ Group has championed regional development in the places it does business and also pursued environmental conservation activities to fulfill its corporate social responsibility (CSR).

We are now in the midst of a great swell, with changes to the global environment never experienced in the past, and phenomenal advances in technology. To continue being a sustainable company under these conditions, we must sustainably grow and enhance corporate value, while at the same time solving social issues and creating social value. Managing these two essential dimensions in tandem are what is expected of us. We believe that this creation of shared value (CSV) is linked with the trust of society. This is what we see as sustainability management.

In the Long-term Management Vision unveiled in February 2022, we placed sustainability management at the core of our management strategy. To coincide with the Long-term Management Vision, we have formulated key sustainability management themes, and in December 2021, a Group-wide Sustainability Promotion Committee was established following a resolution by the Board of Directors. The committee will share priority themes and key performance indicators (KPIs) on a group-wide basis and manage progress toward the achievement of targets.

In our bid to become a 100-year company that achieves growth and development a decade from now, we will continue to actively pursue challenges rather than remaining content with the status quo. We will further evolve the fluid control technologies we have cultivated with valves and aspire to “Beyond New Heights” with a sense of speed and a willingness to take on challenges and build a “New Flow.” As a member of the global community, we will continue to be a company that strides boldly toward 2030 to help shape a society that can be left in the hands of future generations.

Toshiyuki Murasawa
Director, Managing Executive Officer,
Division Manager, Corporate Planning Division

Sustainability Management

Sustainability Management

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