KITZ Corporation of Taiwan

Corporate Profile

KITZ Corporation of Taiwan
5-26 East Street, N.E.P.Z., Kaohsiung, Taiwan, R.O.C.
Phone No.
March 1985
Business Activities
Manufacturing and sales of stainless steel, cast steel valves and fittings
ISO Acquisition
November 2000

Examples of environmental activities

Responding to climate change

We have been working to upgrade company-wide lighting from mercury lamps (400 W) to LEDs (120 W or 60 W). Lighting consisted of 400 W x 228 bulbs before replacement; now, lighting is 120 W x 129 bulbs + 60 W x 112 bulbs after replacement. In a comparison, power consumption changed from 400 x 228 x 22 days x 12 h = 24,076 kW to (120 x 129) + (60 x 112) x 22 days x 12 h = 5,860 kW, which is about a 75% power reduction.

The company is also working to reduce emissions by upgrading motorcycles and forklifts. By the end of 2013, three company motorcycles had been replaced with electric motorcycles and bicycles, and exhaust gas emissions were reduced by approximately 558 kg per year. Furthermore, three forklifts had been upgraded from light oil to electric by the end of 2015, which resulted in a reduction of approximately 6,688 kg of exhaust gas per year.

Waste management and resource saving

We abolished wooden crate packaging for the import and export of products and parts and changed the packaging to returnable iron boxes, thereby completely eliminating the waste of packaging wood. In accordance with environmental protection laws and regulations, the company focuses on sorting garbage. General garbage is separated into household garbage, paper, metal, plastics, and food scraps, and business garbage is disposed of in accordance with the business waste regulations.


At the time of the Ghost Festival in July of the lunar calendar, we reduced the amount of paper money and donated the surplus to charitable organizations and environmental protection organizations as a social contribution. This effort not only reduces carbon dioxide emissions but also feeds back the profits to the community, which is called “giving credit for gold” in Taiwan.

Environmental management system

Every month, the Environmental Management Committee meets to communicate and discuss the latest environmental protection information. The information shared by the Committee is communicated to all employees at the plant, and new employees are provided with environmental protection education each year, in order for them to recognize, understand, and cooperate in the company’s environmental protection-related activities.

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