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(As of November 24, 2023)

KITZ Corporation
Head Office
Tokyo Shiodome Building, 1-9-1, Higashi-Shimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-7305, Japan
January 26, 1951
21,207,084,670 yen
Fiscal-year Ended
December 31※Fiscal-year Ended is changed from March to December.
Stock Exchange Listing
Tokyo Stock Exchange Prime Market (Code: 6498)
Number of Employees
Consolidated: 5,352
Non-consolidated: 1,422
Business Activities
Manufacturing and sales of valves, other flow control devices, and related products
Net Sales (Consolidated)
159,914 million yen
Number of Consolidated Subsidiaries
34 companies
Directors and Audit & Supervisory Board Members (as of March 29, 2023)
Yasuyuki Hotta Chairman
Makoto Kohno President and CEO
Toshiyuki Murasawa Director
Kazuyuki Matsumoto Outside Director
Minoru Amoh Outside Director
Yutaka Fujiwara Outside Director
Yukino Kikuma Outside Director
Masahiko Kondo Audit & Supervisory Board Member
Taro Kimura Audit & Supervisory Board Member
Tatsuhiko Takai Outside Audit & Supervisory Board Member
Shuhei Sakuno Outside Audit & Supervisory Board Member
Ayako Kobayashi Outside Audit & Supervisory Board Member
Executive Officers (as of January 1, 2023)
Makoto Kohno President
Chief Executive Officer
Toshiyuki Murasawa Managing Executive Officer
Yukinari Koide Executive Officer
Kazuhiko Hirabayashi Executive Officer
Yoriyuki Koyama Executive Officer
Masaru Takusagawa Executive Officer
Takahito Hirashima Executive Officer
Kazunori Okimura Executive Officer
Kenji Kato Executive Officer
Takashi Ishijima Executive Officer
Shuji Takei Executive Officer
Yasunori Sugita Executive Officer
Kenichi Bessho Executive Officer

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