Waste Management

The KITZ Group is working for prevent waste risks.

Approach to waste reduction

The KITZ Group is committed to not emitting or bringing in waste (reduce), returning the reclaimable to the production lines (reuse), separating and recycling waste (recycling), and properly disposing of products that cannot be reused. The Group is working to reduce and reuse waste based on survey results and analyses of the volume of waste generated. At the same time, we manage the process so that waste is properly processed from generation to final disposal with a waste management system that defines the route to which we outsource waste disposal.

Current status of waste reduction

The KITZ Group promotes the recycling of valuable resources through the thorough separation of waste, thereby reducing the amount of waste generated.

Volume of Industrial Waste Materials

※Total period: April-March 2013-2019, January-December 2020-2022.
※Scope of data: KITZ and all KITZ group in Japan from 2013 to 2018, excluding Hokutoh Giken Kogyo Corporation; 2019 – KITZ and all KITZ group in Japan.

2021FY Waste Emissions Ratio

Example of waste management initiatives

KITZ provides environmental education on waste regulations from external specialists on a regular basis for the employees of the domestic Group companies responsible for waste management. When making an agreement with a new contractor, the KITZ Group verifies all permits and certification and conducts on-site inspections. We have been working to consolidate outsourcing companies in each area and unify waste separation methods. Through these activities, we have improved the quality of waste management and reduced costs.

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