Stainless steel

Stainless Steel ValveWide range

  • General use
  • Industrial use

Stainless Steel Valve has excellent corrosion resistance and is widely used in chemical plants and petrochemical industries. In recent years, its high cost performance has been recognized due to its corrosion resistance and durability, and it has been adopted in a wide range of fields such as equipment and building equipment in general industries. KITZ delivers high-quality stainless steel valve at all times by comprehensively producing everything from casting to assembly under strict quality control.

Scene of use

  • ・Very wide range from construction facilities and machinery to chemicals, petrochemicals, electricity and gas, and food.

Main applicable fluids

  • ・Applicable to various fluids

Point of technology

  • ・We have developed a series of products for each domestic and overseas compliance standard, and have a wide range of products, from economical series suitable for general industrial equipment and building equipment to high-grade series that can withstand high corrosion resistance from low temperature, low pressure to high temperature and high pressure.
  • ・The Ball valve (TDZ Series) is compatible with international standards for all types of drive units around the world, and many other models are equipped with pneumatic and electric actuators.

Application as valve

  • ・Used as a valve in petrochemicals, chemicals, and foods


  • ・A rust-free brush used in kitchens, spoons, knives, etc.

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