Bronze and Brass

Bronze and Brass ValveNormal temperature and low pressure

  • general use

Bronze (Bronze) is used for a wide range of applications.
Bronze is the first casting used in human history, and is an alloy of tin, zinc, and lead added to copper.
KITZ casts bronze castings internally in house.
Bronze is a valve material for a wide range of applications.

Brass is mainly used for gate valve and ball valve.
KITZ mainly uses Brass manufactured by KITZ Metal Works Corporation, a group-wide company, and is of stable quality.
Brass (Brass) valve offers high mechanical strength and is widely used in industrial valve.

Scene of use

  • ・Air-conditioning and sanitation of building equipment, factory production equipment, machine tools, equipment, etc.

Main applicable fluids

  • ・Water, oil, gas (non-flammable)

Point of technology

  • ・In addition to KITZ standards, we have a lineup of products that conform to JIS B 2011 bronze valve.
  • ・”CHRYSANTHEMUM-HANDLE” installed in bronze and Brass valve is symbolized by KITZ.
  • ・The handles are color-coded for their valve application.
  • ・To ensure that the performance of air-conditioning equipment that evolves in response to environmental concerns functions reliably, we have a large lineup of valve for air-conditioning facilities that automatically operate according to the application.

Application as valve

  • ・Household valve
  • ・Responding to a wide range of fields, including housing equipment and industrial equipment
  • ・Valve below 4B


  • ・Bronze (gun metal)
    It has been used as a material for casting since ancient times and is also a material for Daibutsu (Great Buddha).
  • ・Brass (brass)
    It is used as craft materials such as batting materials, and as a bar material.

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