How to operate the valves?

Valve can be operated manually or automatically using an actuator.

Manual operation type

There are three main methods of manual operation.

  • Handle type

    Handle type

    This is a typical manual operation method for gated valve and globe valve.
    (Picture shows a stainless-steel gate valve.)

  • Lever type

    Lever type

    This is a typical manual operating method for the ball valve.
    (The picture shows Brass ball valve.)

  • Gear type

    Gear type

    It is set to butterfly valve and ball valve. There are also hammer blow type and chain wheel type.
    (Aluminum butterfly valve)

Automatic operation type

There are two types of automatic operation, depending on the driving source for driving the actuator.

  • Electric type

    Electric type

    An actuator that uses electricity (alternating current or direct current) as a driving source.
    (EXH type in the picture)

  • Pneumatic type

    Pneumatic type

    Actuator driven by compressed air for instrumentation.
    (FAS type in the picture)

  • Hydraulic type

    Hydraulic type

    The use of oil as the driving source enables a large operating force to be obtained, and the actuator can be miniaturized

Types of actuator and Typical valve

Actuator Typical valve
Pneumatic type Cylinder type Gate, glove, butterfly, ball
Pneumatic type Air motor type Gate, glove
Electric type Multi-turn Gate, glove
Electric type Part-turn system Ball, butterfly
Manual Gate, glove, butterfly, ball

We offer a lineup of actuators developed in-house for driving ball valve and butterfly valve.
In addition to our proprietary actuators, we have a wide range of pneumatic and pneumatic actuators.

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