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History & Company Profile

I’d like to know about KITZ Group.

KITZ Group consists of KITZ and 36 group companies (as of the end of December 2021). Its business is centered on the manufacturing and sales of valves in domestic and overseas markets. Major group companies can be found below.

KITZ Group

What is KITZ Group’s corporate philosophy?

KITZ Group’s corporate philosophy is “We strive to build a robust global environment and sustainable future by supporting societal infrastructure through our advancements in fluid control technologies and materials.” The details can be found below.

Corporate Mission, Long-Term Management Vision, and Action Guide

What is KITZ Group’s business?

KITZ Group operates the valve manufacturing business, as well as the brass bar manufacturing business and other businesses. The details can be found below.

Our Businesses

Where can I find information on the history of KITZ?

Since its founding as Kitazawa Mfg. Works in 1951, KITZ has grown as an all-round manufacturer of valves and other fluid control devices. The details can be found below.


What is the origin of the company name?

KITZ was founded in 1951 as Kitazawa Mfg. Works by the founder, Toshio Kitazawa. The name was changed to Kitazawa Valve Co., Ltd. in 1962 and to KITZ Corporation in 1992.
The former company name, Kitazawa Valve, represented a single business, which would not have covered expanding ranges of businesses. Accordingly, the company name was changed to KITZ Corporation on October 1, 1992, which has become a global brand of products.
“KITZ” is originated from English spelling of “Kitazawa” – “KITAZAWA”

When was KITZ founded?

KITZ was founded on January 26, 1951. More company information can be found below.

Corporate Profile

Financial Information

Who is KITZ’s auditing firm?

Ernst & Young ShinNihon LLC

Where can I find information on corporate bond ratings?

Currently, we have Issuer Rating of A- (stable) from Rating and Investment Information, Inc. and Long-term Issuer Rating of A (stable) from Japan Credit Rating Agency, Ltd. The details can be found below.

Bond / Rating / Analyst Coverage

Where can I find the latest financial results?

We provide materials for financial results presentations for institutional investors and securities analysts in IR Library below.

IR Library

What is the schedule for financial results announcements and other IR events?

The schedule is as follows:
February : Announcement of Full-year Financial Results
March : Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders
May : Announcement of 3 Month Financial Results
August : Announcement of First Half Financial Results
November : Announcement of 9 Month Financial Results

You can find more information below.

IR Calendar

Where can I find past performances?

For information on the results for the last five fiscal years, please see below.

Business Performance and Financial Highlights

What is KITZ’s accounting period?

From January 1 to December 31. From the fiscal year 2020, the fiscal year-end was changed from March 31 to December 31. The schedule for announcements of financial results can be viewed below.

IR Calendar

Management Strategy

What are KITZ’s social contribution activities?

As a good corporate citizen, KITZ Group values communication with society. We actively work to co-exist with local communities and preserve the global environment.

What are KITZ’s environmental activities?

The KITZ Group has established targets for environmental conservation on a global scale based on its Principle of Environmental Activities and Environmental Action Policy. The details can be found below.


Where can I find information on KITZ’s production system?

The KITZ Group’s manufacturing is based on the concept of delivering products when necessary and in the quantities required with better quality. The details can be found below.

Quality Control

Where can I find information on KITZ’s R&D?

In order to meet the diverse needs of the times, we take immense pride in producing fluid control devices delivering safety, durability, and reliability. The details can be found below.


What is KITZ’s approach to corporate governance?

The KITZ Group understands the effective functioning of corporate governance to help fulfill our corporate social responsibility and contribute to increasing management efficiency and transparency, as well as sustained increases in corporate value. The details can be found below.

Corporate Governance

What is KITZ’s management strategy?

In February 2022, we formulated the Long-term Management Vision, which depicts where we want to be in 2030 as we strive to realize the KITZ’ Statement of Corporate Mission, and the First Medium-term Management Plan 2024, which clarifies specific issues to be addressed in order to achieve the vision. The details can be found below.

Long-term Management Vision
Medium-term Management Plan

Stock Information

What is the schedule for the shareholders’ meeting?

The ordinary general meeting of shareholders is scheduled to be held in March of each year. The details can be found below.

Meeting of Shareholders

What is the minimum unit of stock allowed per trade?

The minimum trading unit is 100 shares (changed from 1000 shares to 100 shares in July 2010).

What is KITZ’s Stock code?

The Stock code is 6498.

Which stock exchanges is KITZ listed on?

KITZ is listed on Tokyo Stock Exchange Prime Market.


Where can I find information on KITZ’s dividend policy, vesting dates, dividends per share, and payment dates?

Please find the details below.

Dividend Policy and Dividends


Where can I send inquiries?

Please contact us with the inquiry form.

Contact Us

Frequently Asked Questions About IR