Basic Policy and Slogan on Sustainability

The KITZ Group has promoted sustainability management to realize"KITZ' Statement of Corporate Mission", which expresses the KITZ Group's corporate philosophy. Under the KITZ Group Long-term Management Vision for the period through 2030, which we plan to announce in 2022, all employees will work together in practicing sustainability management as the core of our management strategy. As the roadmap for doing so, the Basic Policy on Sustainability was formulated and approved by the Board of Directors in December 2021.

» KITZ' Statement of Corporate Mission/Action Guide

Basic Policy on Sustainability

To realize"KITZ' Statement of Corporate Mission", which expresses the KITZ Group's corporate philosophy, we will work toward the following:

  1. Strive to increase both corporate value and social value by delivering solutions to social challenges through our businesses
  2. Be an enterprise that deserves society's trust, through realizing efficient, fair, and transparent, highly ethical corporate management
  3. Build unshakeable relations of trust through dialogue with all stakeholders

Slogan on Sustainability

The Slogan on Sustainability is a guidepost for all KITZ Group employees to realize the Basic Policy on Sustainability.

Create the FutureĀ /
Preserve the Future

Create the Future

The KITZ Group will act and take on challenges without fear of change and create a new future aimed at realizing a recycling-based society which is friendly to the earth and people.

Preserve the Future

The KITZ Group will continuously protect the earth's finite resources and people's lives and will work to realize a society in which we can preserve things for the next generation.

Sustainability promotion structure

Group Sustainability Promotion Committee

In December 2021, the KITZ Group established the Group Sustainability Promotion Committee as an organization to assist the Board of Directors in promoting integrated sustainability management groupwide. It will promote sustainability management powerfully throughout the entire group by sharing priority themes and key performance indicators (KPIs) on sustainability management and deploying groupwide measures targeting issues, KPIs, and other topics from individual companies and sections.

(i) Promoting integrated sustainability management groupwide
(ii) Ensuring sustainability management takes root in individual companies and sections
(iii) Sharing priority themes and measures for sustainability management, formulating KPIs for individual companies and sections, and revising plans
(i) Reporting and sharing the Basic Policy on Sustainability with individual companies and sections
(ii) Reporting and sharing priority themes of sustainability management with individual companies and sections
(iii) Reporting and sharing Group KPIs and formulating and reporting individual companies' and sections' KPIs
(iv) Reporting on the progress of Group plans and reporting and sharing Group basic policies and revised plans, and formulating and reporting individual companies' and sections' revised plans
(v) Sharing and deliberating on issues related to sustainability management at individual companies and sections
Chairperson General Manager, Corporate Planning Division
Membership Executive Officers, presidents of KITZ Group companies
Administrative office Sustainability Promotion Office
Frequency of meeting Twice a year

Note: Plans call for the establishment of subcommittees to promote coordination with Group companies around the world as organizations under the umbrella of the Group Sustainability Promotion Committee.

Sustainability Promotion Office

In July 2019, the KITZ Group established the Sustainability Promotion Office under the direct supervision of the executive team as the section in charge of planning and promotion of activities related to the environment, society, and governance (ESG) and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), as well as reforming employees' awareness and the organizational culture, to realize continued, sustainable growth. Beginning in January 2021, the Sustainability Promotion Office has been placed under the supervision of the Management Planning Division, resulting in a structure under which it is able both to promote initiatives swiftly from a position closer to management and to cooperate and share information closely with individual sections and Group companies.

Key Themes for Sustainability Management

In order to realize KITZ' Statement of Corporate Mission and the Long-term Management Vision, we have identified priority ESG issues to be addressed as key themes for sustainability management.

Key Themes for Sustainability Management Social Issues Specific Initiatives FY2030 Quantitative Target Relationship with the SDGs
Environmental (E)
Carbon neutrality
Resource recycling

· Transition to a decarbonized society

· Depletion of resources

· Increase in waste

Initiatives for realization of Long-Term Environmental Vision "Triple Zero"

(1) Zero CO2 emissions

(2) Zero environmental impact

· Water neutrality (promotion of water saving, circulation, and recharge)
· Zero emissions (promotion of the 3Rs, recycling of casting sand, etc.)

(3) Zero risks

· Zero environmental accidents (environmental pollution)
· Zero occupational accidents (serious accidents, LTIF rate)
· Zero fire accidents (accidents involving fires, explosions)

CO2 reduction rate: -90%

Waste landfill disposal rate: Less than 1.0%

Water resource discharge
(Compared with FY2013): -100%*

*Scope: Process water used in the manufacture of valves, etc.

Goal 6Goal 7Goal 9Goal 11Goal 12Goal 13Goal 17

· Economic growth through innovation

· Transition to a decarbonized society

· Depletion of water resources

Development of fluid control technology to support a decarbonized/hydrogen society

Development of materials and products that contribute to reducing environmental impact

Initiatives to solve social issues related to limited water and fluids

Social (S)
Sustained improvement in employee engagement

· Decline in the working-age population

· Respect for human rights

· Active role played by diverse human resources

· System and environment for a better workplace

· A rewarding work culture

Permeation of Corporate Philosophy and Long-term Management Vision

Promotion of D&I and fostering of a culture of collaboration

Human resource development and system reforms to support global management

Realizing workplace environments in which employees can work with vitality

Employee engagement score*1:

Job satisfaction: 56 pt

Positive work environment: 55 pt

Percentage of women managers: 20%*2

Total working hours: 1,870 hours

Percentage of paternity leave: 100%

*1 FY2024 target
*2 Employees of the department manager

Goal 5Goal 8Goal 10
Building a sustainable supply chain · Responsibilities in the supply chain surrounding the Company

Emphasis on CSR procurement

Establishment of a structure for stable procurement of raw materials and parts

Governance (G)

Corporate governance

Risk management


· Sustainable corporate management

· Corporate fraud and scandals

Further enhancement of transparency in management decision-making

Risk management that focuses on both risk reduction and opportunity creation

Global compliance conducive to sustainable management

Goal 16

Participation in external initiatives

United Nations Global Compact (UNGC)

WE SUPPORT UN GLOBAL COMPACTOn August 23, 2021, the KITZ Group became a registered signatory of the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC). The UNGC is an initiative launched at the Davos World Economic Forum in 1999 to build healthy global societies through collaboration between the United Nations and private-sector businesses and organizations. Participating businesses and organizations act as good corporate citizens by demonstrating responsible, constructive leadership through autonomous initiatives to build global frameworks for realizing sustainable growth.

UNGC signatories carry out activities along the axes of ten principles in the four categories of human rights, labor, the environment, and anti-corruption. We plan from now on to report annually on the state of our initiatives toward the ten principles of the United Nations Global Compact.

Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD)

In December 2021, KITZ declared its support for the recommendations of the Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD), which advocate step-by-step progress in disclosure of analytical information concerning the financial impact of climate change on business activities. As a result, from now on, we will proceed in stages with data-driven analysis to ascertain business risks and opportunities related to climate change and enhance both the quality and the quantity of disclosure in accordance with TCFD recommendations.

Nagano Prefecture SDGs Promotion Enterprise Registration Program

The KITZ Group supports the Nagano Prefecture SDGs Promotion Enterprise Registration Program. The Ina and the Chino plants (registered October 2019) and Group company KITZ Metal Works Corporation (registered April 2020) are registered with the prefecture as business sites promoting the SDGs.

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