In order to meet the diverse needs of the times, we take immense pride in producing fluid control devices delivering safety, durability and reliability.

R&D Concept

The KITZ Group's Product Development Department is proactive in its approach to R&D activities in line with its action guideline to "continuously provide customers with impressive and creative products, strengthen its technology structure and constantly improve corporate value."

♦Core technologies

We integrate process technologies in the field of sealing, material and process engineering that serves as the core of our R&D operations.

♦Providing solutions

We focus on resolving customer problems and provide products and services that please our customers.

♦Speed and global network

We develop new products rapidly by utilizing the worldwide group network to respond to the diverse needs of customers.

Sealing Technology and Materials Development Supporting Lifelines in a Wide Range of Fields

KITZ Corporation started operations from manufacturing general-purpose valves. Over the years, KITZ has continually gone a step ahead of the needs of emerging markets and developed high value -added products, advancing from manually operated shut-off valves to automated control valves, and from single valves to complex modular products.

What makes it possible is the sealing technology and material development. The sealing technology has been developed in a wide range of fi elds from low pressure to ultra-high pressure, from extremely low temperature to high temperature, with up to more than 90,000 products created. The Company has also, based on its know-how cultivated over the long period of its history, developed optimum metal materials and introduced new products through high-level casting technology. These technologies are still evolving.

Sealing Technology

Earning the Trust of Users Globally with World-Class Valve Technologies

The Product Development Department at KITZ is engaged in research and development to provide value to customers in a wide range of fields, including building utilities, petrochemicals, clean energy, water treatment and semiconductors.

KITZ is guided by a market-driven approach to constantly provide customers with innovative, high-quality products. The KITZ Group works in unison to cultivate product development and production technologies that achieve high functionality and ultra-precision and nurtures the seeds of these technologies in today's diversified business fields.

To maximize the synergy of the Group, engineers from Japan, Europe, the Americas, ASEAN and China collaborate to promote product development and design, utilizing networks such as groupware, and have established a technology structure for design at the optimum sites worldwide. We also develop products with materials and specifications that are compatible with the markets and regulations in each country, and strive to improve efficiency through the active introduction of DX*, such as promoting product development according to market needs through centrally managing product drawings, design drawings and component tables through the use of PLM*.

In response to the diverse needs of today's world, each and every engineer, by raising the level of his or her skills and continuing to take up the daily challenge of value creation, is creating fluid control devices that are outstandingly safe, durable and reliable.

* DX: Digital Transformation
* PLM: Product Lifecycle Management

Collaboration with engineers around the world

Valve research and development process

[1] Structural analysis
The optimal structure of the product is designed by using simulated fluid analysis, stress or other structural analysis.

[2] 3D prototype verification
Prototypes can be verified at an early stage using 3D printer modeling. Customers can check those prototypes by touch.

[3] Casting analysis
Design for an optimal mold for casting is planned using solidification analysis.

[4] Mold design/production
The CAM* data used to design the molds is transferred to processing equipment, and molds are produced internally.

*Computer Aided Manufacturing

[5] Reliability test
Testing and analysis is carried out under every condition of use.

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