KITZ Brand Story

KITZ has obtained international certifications for quality management and has its own extremely strict quality assurance programs for casting, machining, assembly, tests inspections and all other manufacturing processes. By producing valves that have outstanding quality, the KITZ brand has earned a reputation as a symbol for products with the best quality in the world.

KITZ has a broad and growing lineup of valves in terms of both materials and types. As a supplier of a full selection of valves, KITZ serves customers in the building equipment, industrial plant, environmental protection and energy, semiconductor and many other industries. Meeting customers' expectations regarding prices, delivery times and services is a major goal at KITZ. This is why KITZ has a large overseas manufacturing network that allows making all products in the most suitable locations.

Underpinning Our Lineup
  • Sealing Technology and Materials Development Supporting Lifelines in a Wide Range of Fields
  • Earning the Trust of Users Globally with World-Class Valve Technologies
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Stringent Quality Management
  • Integrated Production System That Provides Quality Control Starting from Castings
  • KITZ Brand is Backed by Quality Management Systems
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Global Network Development
  • Global Production Network: Manufacturing Facilities Located in the Optimum Location
  • Developing and Strengthening Our Supply System Prioritizing Key Regions and Important Countries
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