The KITZ Group manufactures and sells valves, fittings, water purifiers, and industrial filters, all of which are devices used for the control of fluids.

KITZ supplies a broad array of valves in terms of materials and designs. Valves are widely used in applications closely tied to our daily lives, such as in building facilities, water and sewer systems, and natural gas distribution networks. Production processes in industries ranging from semiconductors to oil refining and petrochemicals also rely on KITZ valves.

In addition, the KITZ Group has a large overseas production network. By manufacturing products in the best location for each requirement, Group companies can supply products with prices, delivery schedules, and services that meet customers’ expectations.

Strength of KITZ Group

1. Worldwide recognition of the brand name "KITZ" as a symbol of reliable valves
2. Integrated Production System that Provides Quality Control Starting from Castings

Based on integrated production, the KITZ Group positions castings (forge and foundry materials) that are valve materials as the core technology and produces them internally from castings. We have established an integrated production system in which our Group has its own casting facilities for the main valve materials such as bronze, cast iron, ductile, stainless steel and cast steel.

3. Global Production Network: Manufacturing Facilities Located in Optimum Locations

KITZ Group is building a structure for undertaking production in the most suitable locations for its operations around the world. Under this structure, we produce high value-added products in Japan. KITZ Group now has plants in Thailand, Taiwan, China, India, Spain, Germany Brazil and Korea.

4. All-round Valve Manufacturer

KITZ provides diverse products in every field. Many manufacturers specialize in limited fields or produce and sell products by narrowing down materials and shapes, whereas the KITZ Group provides a lineup of products in a variety of shapes using various materials, such as bronze, brass, stainless steel, cast iron and carbon steel, and provides products globally to areas from the fields of our lives to Industrial fields.

5. High Market Share in Japan
6. Extensive nationwide Sales Network

KITZ has top ranked market share in Japan especially for copper alloy (bronze and brass) and stainless steel valves.

It also has extensive nationwide sales coverage through its network of distributors and its own sales offices in the major cities throughout Japan.

Domestic Market Share

Line up of KITZ Group

Buildings and Houses
KITZ supplies valves used in heating and cooling, sanitation, fire prevention systems, and other equipment used in buildings and residential structures.
Water Supply Equipment
KITZ supplies valves used in equipment for water supply systems and equipment for treating water and wastewater. KITZ also manufactures products used in equipment for supplying water to buildings and homes.
Natural Gas and Energy
KITZ supplies a broad range of products used in the gas industry, including valves used for LNG related facilities such as gas processing plants, pipelines and loading/unloading terminals and even small gas fixtures for distribution to end users.
Production Equipment for Machinery and Industrial Devices
With a lineup of valves with many types of materials and configurations, KITZ can supply valves for almost any requirement associated with production machinery.
Oil Refining and Petrochemicals
KITZ supplies products used in refining and processing plants, pipelines, distribution terminals and even tank lorries of petroleum and petrochemical products.
Semiconductor Production Equipment
KITZ Group member KITZ SCT Corporation, supplies piping components used in equipment that produces semiconductor devices.

Valve Manufacturing Business