Automatic valve with pneumatic actuator (B, F series)

This is an automatic valve equipped with a pneumatic actuator that is connected to compressed air piping for process industries such as Petrochemicals, Chemicals,  and Foodstuffs.

Other applications include Water Treatment plants and Building Air-conditioning equipment.


  • Pneumatic actuators are generally recommended because they simplify piping arrangements and minimize environmental pollution problems.

    These are advantageous features when compared with hydraulically operated actuators. Also, unlike electric actuators, care required for inflammable or explosive servicing environments is  much less when pneumatic actuators are installed.

    Application of pneumatic actuators has grown dramatically in recent days for their cost and energy saving advantages.

    KITZ proudly introduces B/F Series pneumatic actuators which are readily mountable on all KITZ ball and butterfly valves. Ball and Butterfly valves constructed similarly to KITZ valves may also be satisfactorily operated with KITZ pneumatic actuators.

  • KITZ Ball Valve with Type BS Actuator

  • KITZ Ball Valve with Type B Actuator

  • KITZ Ball Valve with Type FA Actuator

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