Liquefied Natural Gas―LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas), which has been in the spotlight in recent years as a safe and environmentally friendly energy, contributes to a low-carbon society and contributes to the control of global warming because it generates less carbon dioxide when burned than coal or oil. KITZ is expanding its contribution to society by developing Cryogenic valves (-196°C) for LNG plants and LNG receiving terminals, and supplying valves to LNG plants worldwide from its experience in supplying Cryogenic valves to many LNG receiving terminals in Japan.

LNG Plant Delivery Results

LNG imported to Japan is mined overseas. KITZ produces and supplies ultra-low temperature valves for overseas LNG plants. In many overseas regions, including North America and the Middle East, thousands of kitchen ultra-low temperature valves support LNG plants.

LNG receiving terminal

Delivery record of Cryogenic valve

In Japan, where LNG resources are scarce, we rely on imports of LNG from overseas. Of the LNG receiving terminals constructed in various parts of Japan, KITZ’s ultra-low temperature valves have been in operation after more than approximately 230 introduction projects.

Challenges to Low Carbon Society and Decarbonization Society

KITZ’s Challenge for a Low Carbon Society and a Decarbonization Society. As a ZERO EMMISION challenge company, Contribute to an energy society using LNG.

Zero Emissions Challenge 2021

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