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Achieved one year ahead of schedule: 80% CO₂ reduction rate at KITZ Group

FY2024 CO2 reduction rate revised upward to 90% and further accelerated activities

KITZ  would like to announce that we are expected to achieve the CO2 reduction rate, set as part of our Long-term Environmental vision “3ZERO,” one year ahead of schedule. Furthermore, we have revised our CO2 reduction target for the fiscal year 2024 to 90% and will continue our group-wide efforts to implement measures towards achieving carbon neutrality by 2050.


*Compared to FY2013, domestic group companies. 


■Our Efforts to Reduce CO2 Emissions
Since our foundation, we have been manufacturing valves by melting metals such as copper and iron in electric furnaces, with a focus on integrated production from raw materials. As a result, we consume a large amount of electricity, which has an impact on the environment, and therefore we have fomulated our Long-term Environmental Vision, ‘3ZERO (Triple Zero)’.


■ Toward carbon neutrality by 2050
In addition to activities to reduce CO2 emissions from manufacturing processes (Scope 1 and Scope 2), we calculate CO2 emissions from suppliers related to our business activities (Scope 3) and work to reduce CO2 emissions in the supply chain. We will continue to aim to provide environmentally friendly and sustainable valve products.


Examples of Specific Initiatives
(1) Introduction of solar power generation equipment
 →01/2007  Installation started at KITZ Nagasaka Plant
 →08/2011  Installation started at KITZ Chino Plant
 →09/2013  Installation started at KITZ Ina Plant
 →05/2013  Installation started at KITZ SCT Nitta Plant
 →11/2016   Installation started at KITZ (Thailand) Ltd. Banpuri plant
 →12/2018  Installation started at KITZ (Thailand) Ltd. Amata plant
 →04/2023 Installation started at KITZ Micro Filter Corporation

KITZ (Thailand) Ltd. Solar power generation system at Banpuri plant (expanded in 2022/ aerial view)

(2) Procurement of carbon-neutral gas
 →02/2023 KITZ Metal Works Corporation starts procurement
 →04/2024 KITZ Nagasaka Plant and Ina Plant also plan to start procurement

LNG (liquefied natural gas) tank at Ina Plant

(3) Expand procurement of CO2-free electricity
 →04/2022 4 companies and 8 business sites start procuring CO2-free electricity
 →01/2024 Shimizu Alloy Mfg.Co.,Ltd starts procuring CO2-free electricity



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