About us
Since its establishment in 1951, KITZ Corporation has supplied products for applications ranging from the home to industrial processes as a manufacturer of valves and other devices for the control of fluids.
Over the years, we have grown into one of the world’s leading valve manufacturers. Today, the KITZ brand has a solid reputation for outstanding quality in Japan and around the world.
In recent years, concerns have been growing about the global environment and access to sustainable sources of energy. At the same time, we are witnessing rapid changes in the global economic environment around us.
These developments will significantly influence our operating environment in the years ahead. KITZ Corporation is dedicated to continuously increasing its corporate value through the provision of products and services rooted in originality and quality. We will focus on achieving even greater satisfaction for our customers, shareholders and the communities in which we operate.
Reliable Quality Management Program Stands behind the KITZ Brand
Placing priority on international quality management systems, KITZ Corporation in November 1989 became the first Japanese company and the first among flow control equipment manufacturers in the world to earn the ISO 9001 certification. This standard applies to every aspect of quality management, beginning with order receipt and going all the way to shipment and after-sales service. KITZ Corporation conducts a stringent quality management program based on an exclusive quality assurance system that covers material selection, production processes, assembly, tests and inspections.
In July 2001, KITZ Corporation was the first Japanese valve manufacturer to be certified to carry the CE marking that is required by the European Union.
Global Production Network
In response to the rapid globalization of its markets, KITZ has assembled a worldwide production network in which all products are made in the most suitable locations. Able to meet a broad range of customer needs, this network can supply products in a timely manner along with quality, prices, delivery schedules and services that meet customers'expectations.